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About Almost Landing

About Almost Landing

Hi, we are Mandy and Chris…

We created Almost Landing as a way to share our travels with other travel lovers and life dreamers. A space where you can come to plan your trip in the easiest way possible and get tried and tested recommendations.

We believe travel planning should be fun, that your holiday shouldn’t be weighed down by 10 bags of luggage, that food is an experience, not just a meal, and that 4 weeks of travel a year is nowhere near enough.

Although we normally live in Sydney, Australia and travel from there, at the end of 2015, we said a teary goodbye to our home and have been travelling throughout Asia and Europe since, carry-on only.

We aren’t backpackers. Sometimes you’ll find us in a luxury hotel, sometimes we are on a quaint shack on the beach, sometimes we’re cooking in the kitchen of an apartment. Wherever offers a unique and amazing experience.
We just love to travel and see the world, and if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you do too :)


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Mandy Almost Landing

Chris | Almost Landing

Why Almost Landing? It’s that time when the planes about to land, exciting possibilities await. New adventures, time to explore and discover new things. And that’s how we feel about life too, there’s always more to learn, discover, do.

We love to travel, and one of the places we go often is Bali. We have another blog dedicated to planning your trip to Bali at

And if you’re interested in the blogging side of things too, you can have a look at The Line We Live On Blogging Planner that we created. It helps us every day to stay focused and reach our goals.

Say Hello…

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Mandy and Chris in Rome | Almost Landing

6 thoughts on “About Almost Landing”

  1. I happened upon your blog while on my trip to the South of France. I think I’ve now read every French Riviera blog entry twice over. Your posts and tips were super helpful in deciding which excursions/ day trips we took. I’ve now book marked the site for future travel. Thank you!

    1. Hi Christine, ahh that makes us so happy :) So glad you had an amazing time in the South of France, such a beautiful area! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot. Any idea where the next trip will be?

      1. The Amalfi Coast is next on my Bucket List and your posts on the region are giving me lots of ideas.
        I also wanted to mention that I really like your trip planning suggestions (like using Instagram for destination ideas) & packing tips (for those of us who struggle to meet the baggage weight restriction!). Thanks again!

        1. How exciting, Amalfi Coast is beautiful! Hope you get there soon and good luck with the packing :)

  2. Hi guys! Just had a quick brows at your site and I love! It looks so nice and it is easy to access all info. Love the “bonus info” in the end of the posts about places and the basic info in the beginning (in the Vietnam post). Well done, keep up the good job!

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