A Trip To The Asian Side Of Istanbul

Asian Side Of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that spans two continents. So how could you not check out both sides whilst you’re there?

The majority of attractions are on the European side and this is where most people stay. But a trip to the Asian side of Istanbul is definitely worth it. Perhaps not if you only have a few days in Istanbul, but definitely if you have 4 or more.

We took the boat from Kabatas to Kadikoy, which only took about 10 – 15 minutes and you get a lovely view of the old city.

View of the old city, Istanbul

Going from Europe to the Asian side of Istanbul, I half expected it to be like going from Paris to Hong Kong. Don’t make this mistake. However, it does feel like more of a difference than just going from one suburb to the next, which is essentially what you are doing.

The Asian side of Istanbul has a completely different feel. As much as the European side of Istanbul has the old city and the sights, it also has the masses of tourists that come with it. The Asian side has the local people and way of life. It has a much more authentic feel.

Kadikoy Locals

We found it harder to find a local that speaks English, but I love this. It’s so much fun trying to figure out what each other is saying. And it’s refreshing to be somewhere whose purpose isn’t to cater to tourists.

Kadikoy: A Suburb On The Asian Side Of Istanbul

We spent most of our time in Kadikoy, walking around the streets, stopping for lunch and checking out the daily markets. The daily market is definitely worth a look. Mainly streets lined with fresh food and restaurants, it’s difficult to walk more then 10 meters without finding something that catches your eye.

Fresh produce bursting with colours…

Kadikoy Daily Market


Seafood at Kadikoy Market

with it’s own guard…

Cat at Kadikoy Markets

Nut’s and dried fruits lined up in military precision…

Nuts and dried fruit at Kadikoy Market

With quality you can see…

Eggs at Kadikoy Market

Kadikoy also has bigger markets twice a week.

Walking around Kadikoy, you will come across charming little lane ways brimming with restaurants…

Restaurants in Kadikoy

We only visited Kadikoy, but other places worth checking out on the Asian side of Istanbul are Uskudar for the sights and Bagdat Caddesi for a street filled with shops, restaurants and atmosphere.

So should you cross over to the Asian Side?

Yes! If you have 4 days or more in Istanbul, it’s a great half day/day trip. It’s 3 Turkish Lira for the boat trip (6 Turkish Lira round trip). So don’t forget that there are many sides to Istanbul, and the Asian side of Istanbul offers a welcome change of pace.

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