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A Day Trip To Cascais: The Perfect Day Trip From Lisbon Portugal

A Day Trip To Cascais Portugal

Cascais is a beautiful beachside town only a short train ride from Lisbon, Portugal. A day trip to Cascais will definitely add something special to your time in Lisbon and is one of the best day trips from Lisbon by train. We absolutely loved our day in Cascais, from the beautiful beaches to the streets of the old town. So here’s everything you need to know before a day trip to Cascais Portugal…

A Day In Belem and Cascais | Lisbon, Portugal

A Day Trip To Cascais


How To Get To Cascais From Lisbon

Praia Da Cresmina Beach Cascais Portugal

Going from Lisbon to Cascais by train is the easiest option. The train leaves from Cais de Sodre Train Station in Lisbon and takes about 40 minutes to get to Cascais (the final stop). The train ride itself is quite scenic, hugging the coastline most of the way.

Once you arrive in Cascais, you are in the centre of town. From here you can walk or bike ride to most areas. The trains generally depart every 20 minutes, but here is where to check the timetable.

Cais do Sodre Station (Lisbon) to Cascais Station

Time:  40 minutes

Cost: 2.20 € (per person, single trip) or 1.85 € (zapping) + 0.50 € (New Zap Card)

Good To Know: If you plan to use the train, metro or tram in Lisbon a few times, then it’s worth purchasing a Viva Viagem card and loading it with credit for zapping. This can then be used multiple times, and the price of zapping is cheaper than individual ticket prices. You can purchase these cards at most metro or train stations in Lisbon.

Things To Do In Cascais

Cascais Old Town

Cascais Fishing

Cascais Streets

More than just a beach town, there are actually a lot of things to do in Cascais. Some things to do no matter how long you’re spending there are to explore the beautiful streets of Cascais Old Town and see the beautiful beaches.

Praia Da Conceicao Cascais
Praia da Conceicao
Praia Da Rainha Cascais
Praia da Rainha
Santa Marta Beach Cascais Portugal
Santa Marta Beach

There are a few Cascais Beaches located around the town centre, including Praia da Ribeira (top photo), Praia da Rainha, Praia da Conceicao, Praia da Duquesa and Santa Marta Beach. Towards Estoril, Praia do Tamariz is also a beautiful beach.

And then you have the beaches such as Praia do Guincho and Praia da Cresmina that are large and unique with a sand dune type feel. Now, these last two beaches can be reached by bus, but it’s also a great bike ride.

Praia Da Cresmina
Praia da Cresmina

Beaches Of Cascais Portugal

Cascais Beaches

So hiring bicycles and riding the coastal path to Praia do Guincho is one of my favourite things to do in Cascais. If you have the time, this is definitely something memorable to do.

Along the way you can stop off at Boca do Inferno, a stunning rock formation that’s definitely worth a look. There are also stunning coastal views the entire way. My only advice would be to rethink this option on a really windy day, as it can get really really windy.

Cascais Coastal Bike Path Portugal

Boca Do Inferno Cascais Portugal

Cascais Landscape

Cliffs Cascais

Although this was still one of my favourite things to do in Cascais, we did this on a super windy day to the point where our bikes weren’t moving, and at times got pushed off the path into the gravel due to the wind. But this was a very windy day! So much so that on the way back we had the tailwind and actually had the brakes on going uphill… it was crazy!

Because of this, I definitely can’t give you an accurate time that it takes to do this ride, as one way it must have taken us 10 times longer and on the way back we were flying. But from what I’ve researched, it’s probably about a 45-minute ride each way.

Back in Cascais, take a look at the Cidadela de Cascais Fort and the Cidadela Art District, which has a hotel, restaurants and art galleries.

Cascais Marina is a great place to go boat spotting. Near Santa Marta beach, as you cross the bridge, you can see Farol de Santa Marta Lighthouse.

Cascais Lighthouse

There are also many museums to see in Cascais including Casa de Santa Maria, Castro Guimaraes and Centro Cultural de Cascais.

The perfect way to end your day in Cascais is to walk along the coastal path to Estoril. From here you can get on the train in Estoril to go back to Lisbon.

Cascais To Estoril Coastal Walk

Tamariz Beach Estoril Portugal

View From Estoril Portugal

Where To Eat In Cascais

There are so many options for where to eat in Cascais, but it’s particularly known for its seafood restaurants. Restaurant Mar Do Inferno comes highly recommended.

After what seemed like a very long bike ride fighting against severely strong winds, by the time we got back to Cascais, all we felt like was Indian food. We usually try and stick to more local food but when ravenous, Indian food is so satisfying (also satisfying when not ravenous). So we followed our noses to Masala, which was in Cascais Old Town. We had great service and the food was tasty.

Other options for where to eat in Cascais include 5 Sentidos | Cafe Galeria House of Wonders | Taberna Clandestina Cascais.

Holiday + Beach + Day Trip always equals gelato. Luckily, there is an excellent gelateria in Cascais, Santini (you can also find them in Lisbon). Here we had the raspberry and mango gelato and they were both absolutely delicious.

Santini Gelato Cascais

Cascais Day Trip Itinerary | Belem + Cascais In One Day

So we actually started our day at Belem and then went to Cascais. We did this because the train line that goes from Lisbon to Cascais is the same train line that runs through Belem.

It also worked because the main thing we wanted to do in Belem was to try the Pasteis de Belem, a perfect breakfast stop, and we were happy to do the sights of Belem from the outside. So if that sounds similar to your plans, then this is how to do it…

Tram 15 from Lisbon to Belem. I recommend getting on at the first stop, Praca da Figueira, as by the second stop it can be very packed. Get off the tram when you see Jeronimos Monastery.

Jeronimos Monastery Belem Lisbon Portugal

Breakfast at Pasteis de Belem. Eat in and try the delicious Pasteis de Nata and some of their other pastries.

Admire Jeronimos Monastery from the outside.

Walk through the park over to the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument.

From here walk along the water to Belem Tower.

Walk back to Belem Train Station and go to Cascais.

Once you walk out of the train station, cross over to the ‘Bicas‘ bike stand. Here you can hire bicycles for the day for 3.90 Euro (from 8 am to 7 pm). However, they don’t come with bike locks, so it can be a bit restricting in terms of visiting the sights along the way. A few of the other bike shops did offer bike locks, so keep this in mind.

Bicas Stand Cascais Portugal

Bicas Bicycles Cascais

Start your bike ride to Praia do Guincho (see things to do above for the stops along the way).

Once back in Cascais, have a late lunch or early dinner.

Explore the streets of Cascais Old Town.

Gelato at Santini.

Take the coastal walk to Estoril.

Cascais Coastal Walk To Estoril

Estoril Portugal

Get back on the train in Estoril to return to Cais do Sodre Station. If you’re hungry you can stop at the nearby Time Out Market for some delicious food.

How Many Days In Cascais?

View Boca Do Inferno Cascais

Wait, what? Yes, I know this is ‘a day trip to Cascais’ article, but if you have the time, staying in Cascais would also be a great option.

A day trip is plenty of time to see Cascais. It’s not so much that you need more time, but you know when you go somewhere and you start saying things like ‘I could spend a week here’. It’s more about the feel of Cascais.

So if you’re looking for a beach holiday in a beautiful town, where you can spend your days doing as little or as much as you want, then you might want to consider spending a few nights or a week in Cascais.

So if you do decide to stay longer, here are some great options for where to stay in Cascais: Villa Cascais | Pestana Cidadela Cascais | The Albatroz Hotel | Casa Vela Guesthouse.

Tips For Visiting Cascais

Cascais Bike Ride

Sintra and Cascais In One Day?

Lots of people suggest seeing Sintra and Cascais in one day. Personally, I think this would only work if you didn’t have time to do a day trip to each. Although you could see Sintra and then drive or get a tour that takes you past all the beaches and to Cascais, it would be a lot for one day. I truly believe each place deserves at least one full day.

Read More: Pena Palace, Sintra: A Day Trip From Lisbon, Portugal

Cascais and Belem

On the other hand, if you are trying to combine a day trip to Cascais with somewhere else in Lisbon, we found going to Belem in the morning and then onto Cascais a great combination. This only works if you’re not planning on going inside Jeronimos Monastery or Belem Tower, but admiring them from the outside. If you are planning on going inside, you will need more time as the lines appeared to be slow and long, and in this case, I wouldn’t recommend doing Cascais and Belem together.

Cascais or Sintra?

If you’re trying to decide between a day trip to Cascais or Sintra as a day trip from Lisbon, I would suggest doing both on separate days if you have the time.

If you only have time for one day trip, it’s really a personal choice. If you want history and castles and really unique sights then I would definitely say go to Sintra. If you want beaches, a resort town, bike rides and coastal walks then a day trip to Cascais is for you.

If I had to choose, I would choose Sintra, just because there’s nothing like it. But if you have the time, definitely do both.

For more information on a day trip to Cascais see the official tourism website of Cascais Visit Cascais and for more on Portugal Visit Portugal.

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Are you thinking of doing a day trip to Cascais? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

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  1. Hi! Stumbled across this blog and am LOVING it so much. Thank you for sharing! Last minute booked a trip and heading to Portugal in a couple of weeks with my sister. Is there a particular day of the week you recommend for Cascais? Thank you!

    1. Hi Liz, thanks so much that means a lot :) So excited for your trip (if you haven’t already been by now)! We visited Cascais on a weekday and it was great. I don’t think there is a bad day to go to Cascais, the only thing I would check would be that any restaurants or museums you want to visit are open on the day you are thinking about. But the beaches and stunning walks and bike rides are always there ;) Hope you have an amazing time!

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