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Best Ice Creams and Desserts In Siem Reap Cambodia

Best Ice Cream and Desserts in Siem Reap

After a day of exploring Angkor Wat or the temples, or a morning uncovering more of Siem Reap, ice cream and desserts may be a recurring vision on ‘what do I feel like’ lists. Whether it is humble ice cream or Cambodian and Khmer desserts in Siem Reap there is something for you.

Gelato Co.

Gelato Co Siem Reap

We had the ‘Mint Chocolate Chunk’ which was Criello 70% with Fresh Mint Leaves. It was creamy and refreshing, not too sweet. So good when you strike a mint ice cream that tastes of mint, naturally.

Where: Hospital Road, Siem Reap 85563, Cambodia

Gelato Lab

Gelato Lab Siem Reap

We sampled just about every flavour before deciding on ‘Cioccolato’ being 80% Organic Dark Chocolate from Papua New Guinea. You know those moments when you need chocolate, you get chocolate and it exceeds your desire? Well we got that feeling. The ice cream was so creamy and chocolaty. Cute ice creamery designed well with a nice ceramic shop next door if you want to have a peek afterwards.

Where: Alley West Between Sivatha Rd and Street 11, Siem Reap 855, Cambodia

Kaya Cafe

Kaya Cafe Siem Reap

They had a good ice cream selection as we entered but chose some of the more extravagant desserts. Kaya Cafe is a great place to enjoy traditional Khmer desserts in Siem Reap as they are made daily and are delicious. Head upstairs and eat your deliciousness looking out to the street.

Where: Hospital Street, Old Market Area Close to Senteurs d’Ankor Shop & next to Kaya Spa, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Blue Pumpkin

Blue Pumpkin Siem Reap

We tried the ‘Caramel And Cashew’ Ice Cream and it hit the spot. Nice Caramel ice cream with good creaminess. Upstairs is a great area to relax, charge your device or plan the next day in Siem Reap!

Where: Shop 563, Mondul 1, Svay Donkum, Siem Reap

Pancakes From Street Stalls

Street Pancakes Siem Reap

Ok. Yes these guys are really only their for tourists, but they are still delicious. Whatever your fillings or toppings we are sure it will be a hit. We loved ‘Milk and Milo’, condensed Milk and Milo. At $1 you can’t go wrong. Almost a hybrid of crepes and crispy roti.

The Glasshouse Deli Patisserie

Glasshouse Siem Reap

The Glasshouse is within the Park Hyatt Siem Reap. There is always something special when it comes to 5 Star Hotels. Yes the ice cream comes with more of a price tag ($3.50 per scoop) but the setting is one of luxury and ultimately they sell great ice cream. We had the ‘Palm Sugar’ Ice Cream and it was all those things you look for in good ice cream. Great spot to soak up some air-con  and refresh in Siem Reap.

Where: Attached to the Park Hyatt Siem Reap, Sivatha Rd, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

Go on. Get Some Great Ice Cream And Desserts In Siem Reap

There are many other places for ice cream and desserts in Siem Reap. Another point of call for traditional desserts is the ‘Old Market’ Psar Chaa. One dessert that we really wanted to try but escaped our mouths was the infamous ‘husband killers’ (Nom Somlap Pdey) which are small, round rice dumplings with a centre of liquid palm sugar, rolled in sesame seeds and topped with coconut shavings. The get their name as there are stories that some Cambodian husbands have choked on these balls after a night of drinking. Next time. Next time I will find you, and I will eat you.

Our Favourites

Gelato Lab for a cute cafe style vibe with great ice cream :)

For Khmer and Cambodian Desserts Kaya Cafe is a great setting to try some delicious well made and presented local treats.

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What Is your Favourite Ice Cream or Desserts in Siem Reap? Let Us Know In The Comments…

2 thoughts on “Best Ice Creams and Desserts In Siem Reap Cambodia”

  1. I have already tried some of the ice cream places you mention. Kaya Café sounds lovely, but according to Googlemaps it has permanently closed! Will try Gelato Co! Didn’t know about it!

    1. Hi Denise, thats such a shame, Kaya cafe had some great desserts :( Thanks for the update! Gelato Co is delicious… enjoy :)

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