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The Best Pintxos in San Sebastian Spain And Pintxos Map

Best Pintxos In San Sebastian

There are so many reasons to visit San Sebastian but the food is definitely one of them. It may have more than it’s share of Michelin starred restaurants but in my opinion, the real food heart of San Sebastian lies in its Pintxos bars. Pintxos are essentially small food creations served at a bar and you will find many of these Pintxos bars in San Sebastian. After spending a week eating our way through San Sebastian, here are what we think are the best pintxos in San Sebastian.

Best Pintxos In San Sebastian | Spain Travel Guide

Pintxos In San Sebastian Map

A San Sebastian Pintxos Map so you can find the best pintxos in San Sebastian. Spread them out or do a San Sebastian Pintxos crawl. Get your free printable San Sebastian Pintxos map at the end of the post.

Best Pintxos in San Sebastian Map

The Best Pintxos Bars In San Sebastian

La Cuchara de San Telmo

A delicious little pintxos bar in San Sebastian known for their suckling pig. Here you order from a menu rather than choosing from pintxos on the counter. It’s actually a nice relief because each pintxos bar works differently, so you spend half your time trying to figure out how to order pintxos. I’d get here early as it can get very busy. This was some of the best pintxos in San Sebastian that I tried.

La Cuchara De San Telmo San Sebastian

La Cuchara De San Telmo Suckling Pig San Sebastian

La Cuchara de San Telmo

31 de Agosto Kalea, 28

Wednesday to Sunday 12 PM – 3.30 PM + Tuesday to Sunday 7.30 PM – 11.30 PM

Zeruko San Sebastian

Zeruko is a little bit fancy! Here you will see some of the most beautifully presented and creative pintxos in San Sebastian. We were particularly impressed by the cod dish that comes out on coals with a green herby shot.

Zeruko San Sebastian

Zeruko Pintxos

Bar Zeruko Cod On Coals


10 Calle de la Pescadería

Tuesday to Sunday from 12 PM to 4 PM + Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30 PM – 12 AM


This is a super popular pintxos bar right in the middle of San Sebastian Old Town. There are some standing tables inside and outside to eat on. Here you can pick cold pintxos from the counter or order hot pintxos from the board. We had a delicious cheese risotto, croquette and some pintxos on bread.

Grandarias Jatetxea Pintxos

Grandarias San Sebastian Pintxos

Grandarias San Sebastian Interior


31 de Agosto Kalea, 23

Every day from 11 AM – 12 AM

A Fuego Negro

A Fuego Negro feels a bit like an underground bar, all dark and moody. I loved it. The food here is pretty unique too. We tried to mini kobe sliders and black rabas (squid and squid ink dish in the shape of fried calamari), both delicious.

A Fuego Negro Interior San Sebastian

Black Rabas A Fuego Negro

Kobe Burger La Fuego Negro San Sebastian

A Fuego Negro

31 de Agosto Kalea, 31

Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM – 12 AM

Bodega Donostiarra

We were actually staying in a great little Airbnb right near Bodega Donostiarra, so we made it here a couple of times. Thier freshly made Tortilla de Patatas is delicious and we loved their grilled octopus and Carne con Tomate. But here, if there’s one thing you should try, it is their ‘Brocheta’ with either skewered pork, skewered steak or skewered octopus and king prawns.

Bodega Donostiarra Pintxos Bar San Sebastian

Bodega Donostiarra Pulpo

Bodega Donostiarra

Peña y Goñi 13 bajo

Monday to Saturday from 9.30 AM – 12 AM

Bar Zabaleta

Speaking of Tortilla de Patatas (otherwise known as Spanish Omelette), Bar Zabaleta are known to have one of the best. We loved it, often coming here for breakfast or lunch.

Tortilla de Patatas Bar Zabaleta San Sebastian

Bar Zabaleta

Zabaleta Kalea, 51

Bar Txepetxa

Bar Txepetxa is known for its anchovy pintxos. So if you love anchovies or are interested to try, then this is your place. I must admit Chris liked this one better than me but considering I don’t love anchovies I still enjoyed it.

Bar Txepetxa Pintxos

Bar Txepetxa Anchovy Pintxos

Bar Txepetxa

5 Calle de la Pescadería

Tuesday to Sunday from 7 PM – 11 PM + Wednesday – Sunday from 12 PM – 3 PM

Ramuntxo Berri

Right across the street from Bodega Donostiarra, it has a great outdoor seating area. We had the most delicious open sandwich with Iberico pork and toasted brie along with some great croquettes and pork cheek.

Pork Brie Sandwich Ramuntxo Berri

Pork Cheek Ramuntxo Berri

Ramuntxo Berri

Peña y Goñi Kalea, 10

Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM +  6.30 PM – 12 AM + Saturday to Sunday from 10 AM – 12 AM

La Vina

One word. Cheesecake. The cheesecake here is so creamy and delicious, definitely a must try in San Sebastian.

La Vina Cheesecake San Sebastian

La Vina Cheesecake

La Vina

31 de Agosto Kalea, 3

Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 AM – 5 PM + 6.30 PM – 12 AM

More Options For Where To Eat In San Sebastian

The pintxos bars we didn’t get to try but looked amazing…

Bar Nestor | Atari Gastroteka | Borda Berri | Sirimiri Gastroleku

Printable Best Pintxos In San Sebastian Map 

Get Your Free Printable Pintxos in San Sebastian Map Here

Pintxos in San Sebastian Map

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So that’s our favourite picks for the best Pintxos in San Sebastian… what’s your favourite?

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