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Discovering Rome with Eating Italy Food Tours

Eating Italy Food Tour

Fantastic. Our Eating Italy tour was a great way to experience some of the great food Rome has to offer. Not to spoil your experience we won’t show or share all the photos or knowledge of the day, just note if you are um’ing and are’ing, um DO it!

Taste of Testaccio Tour

We did the Taste of Testaccio Tour and loved every stop along the way. Testaccio is an area where Roman cuisine began, and the original foodie neighbourhood of Rome. One aspect we loved about the tour through this neighbourhood is the fact that it is an area still very much alive today, where locals live, eat and shop for their food.


Just to give you a taste of this great tour my favourite part was the second stop. I love my cheeses and meats, salami in particular. At Volpetti, a family run shop we sampled prosciutto, salami, pecorino, and Parmigiano Reggiano. After the organised tastings, make sure when inside the shop to taste a few more items. The Balsamic Vinegar here is incredible as is the wild boar salami. If you plan on purchasing any meats or cheeses whilst in Rome for lunches or to take home, here is definitely the spot. This is one of the best gourmet food stores in Rome.


The Testaccio Markets was Mandy’s stand out. This was done really well. From Bruschetta to Insalata Caprese with buffalo mozzarella to cannoli. To this day it is the only cannoli we have seen that has been filled fresh in front of you. It was the first time we had had cannoli. Definitely the first of many. Yum. All the stall owners we met were extremely nice people proud of what they had to offer you. This place is a great market with a story behind its location and shows that Testaccio still is the food community it always was.

Buffalo Mozarella

Eating Italy: More than just food

There is only one aspect more vital to a successful food tour than the food. That is the people showing you around. Sebastiana and Emma were great guides and made sure that we all had a day to remember. Considering how many tours Eating Italy do each day and for us to get both these fantastic people is hats off to Eating Italy for only hiring the best people for the job. Both Sebastiana and Emma were truly passionate about not only food but Roman food and Rome Itself. The relationships between Emma and Sebastiana and the stall owners were fantastic. The true moment that we knew we picked the right food tour to go on and truly eat Rome was at Testaccio Markets. We saw real friendships and excitement to see one another. I don’t think we made it past a stall without one of the girls being recognised by the local market community. This tells me that truly friendly, real people run the Eating Italy: Rome food tours.

So to wrap up, when in Rome, do an Eating Italy Rome tour.

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Have you done an Eating Italy Tour or other Rome food tours?

Let us know how you found them in the comments…

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