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10 thoughts on “Luxury Bus From Kuala Lumpur To Singapore: How To Get From KL To Singapore”

  1. your website is very well done and easy to navigate through. Very Well design also. You’ve done an outstanding job to design and build it this way. Easy does it!! Thanks very much for sharing your experience, thoughts, and advice with us!! It’s been certainly very helpful and worth it. The best of luck to you on your trips around the world!! Cheers,
    Mike from Canada.

  2. DO you recall how much your ticket cost pp? We are going KL-Sing one way in May but we cannot purchase our tickets yet, as they are not posted for sale at this time. Wondering how much I should budget. I am sold on Aeroline.

    1. Hi Sarah, we paid RM 95 each (about $32 AUD each). You can log in and find the current Aeroline price list on their website. We loved using Aeroline, definitely a great option to get between KL and Singapore. Enjoy your trip :)

  3. Amazing review we were wandering the same because we leave in December. Thanks very informative! We had decided against flying and the train due to the same reasons you mentioned however wasn’t sure which bus company we were going to use. So thanks now we don’t have to keep researching.

    1. Hi Vee, thanks so much :) Hope you enjoyed the bus trip, definitely seemed like a better option than the train.

  4. I want to know, which malaysian immigration check point the bus is crossing
    I’m asking this because for Indian passport there is visa exemption called entri,, there are certain check post name mentioned in entri as condition.
    So I want to know the name of malaysian immigration check point name. Alos, from which building in Klcc bus leaves

    1. Hi Amit, on our journey, the bus left from the Corus hotel in KLCC, and we went through the immigration checkpoint at Tuas. If you need a specific checkpoint for visas I would give Aeroline a call/email to check the current route :)

  5. Thanks a lot.That was a really great article,very helpful.We’re from Australia as well and I was thinking about flying because the train reviews were horrible.So I felt stuck in KL.But I will contact Aeroline and book the tickets.The coach sounds great.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi John, so happy it helped :) We enjoyed the trip with Aeroline, and definitely the best option for us over flying or train. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

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