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Mykonos Beaches: A Video Of Some Of Our Favourites

Mykonos Beaches

Mykonos beaches bring people from across the world to Mykonos, to relax, to swim, to socialise, to party. In Mykonos, there seems to be a beach for just about everything. So Chris and I decided to hire a car and spend the day driving around to discover our favourite Mykonos Beaches. This was such a fun day, and we would absolutely recommend hiring a car in Mykonos and doing the same thing. Not only did we discover some amazing beaches, but we saw a completely different side to Mykonos. Watch our video below and you can see Mykonos beaches for yourself…

Mykonos Beaches Video

Our Favourite Mykonos Beaches

Choosing a favourite beach in Mykonos is hard, because they really are beautiful and unique. So we will pick an overall favourite, and then let you know what the rest are best for.

Favourite Overall – Panormos Beach

Panormos beach

Our favourite overall beach is Panormos Beach. It had beautiful water, nice sand, plenty of parking, restaurants and facilities, sun beds and cushions and just had an overall nice atmosphere.

Best For Food – Fokos Beach

Fokos beach

Our pick for having the best food would absolutely have to be Fokos Beach. There is a restaurant here – Fokos Taverna and the food was delicious.

Best For Relaxing – Lia Beach

Lia Beach

Our pick for relaxing would be Lia Beach. It wasn’t too busy, had beautiful clear water, and was a little away from everything else.

Best For Families – Ornos Bay

Ornos Bay

Our pick for families would be Ornos Bay. It was part of a town/village so it was very well located, had lots of activities, flat water and close to restaurants and other shops.

Best For An Afternoon Drink – Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach

Our pick for an afternoon drink would be Paraga. Beautiful beach with lots of sun beds, bars and restaurants.

Best For A Touch Of Class – Psarou


Our pick for a touch of class would be Psarou. It attracts a classy crowd, with music, sun beds and a beautiful beach.

Most Picturesque – Agios Stefanos

Agios Stefanos Beach

Our pick for picturesque beach would go to Agios Stefanos. We started and ended our journey here, and it was literally postcard perfect. Had some sun beds, the bluest of blue water, and it’s also not too far from Mykonos Town.

The Party Pick – Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Our pick for partying into the night would be Paradise beach. A pretty obvious choice, but it is also quite isolated.

Map Of Mykonos Beaches

What do you think of Mykonos Beaches?

2 thoughts on “Mykonos Beaches: A Video Of Some Of Our Favourites”

    1. Hi Valeria, thanks so much that means a lot :)
      On Paradise Beach we went to Cavo Paradiso at night and had a great night! There is also bars along the beach during the day/night.
      As for Paraga, we were only there during the day and it was beautiful, a mixed crowd and lined with bars. I don’t think you would need to choose just one here, they all seem to be open air on the beach, so you could try one or try a few.
      Have a great time in Mykonos :)

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