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How Even Excessive Over-Packers Can Pack Lighter Using The Coco Chanel Technique For Packing

Pack Lighter

I’ve heard of lot’s of packing hacks to try and help people pack lighter. Lot’s of them focus on a rule or technique that means everybody would be packing the same amount of stuff. The problem? Everybody is different! And although I am a strong believer that everybody benefits from packing lighter, I don’t believe that everybody needs to pack the same way. We love travelling with carry-on bags only, but we know that’s not for everyone. But there is a technique that all of you can use, even the most excessive over-packers, to pack lighter, with almost no effort at all,¬†whilst still packing for your needs. I like to call it: The Coco Chanel Technique For Packing.

The Coco Chanel Technique For Packing

Wait? Isn’t Chanel a fashion line? Yep, but it’s founder, Coco Chanel, had some wise words that could easily be applied to packing. Coco Chanel said this:

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off

This is all about minimalism. Some of us have this tendency, whether it be in fashion or in packing, to over-do things. To do more than is needed. To try and cover all bases.


Pack your bag, just how you normally would.

Then take one thing from each category out. If you packed 5 shirts, take one out. If you packed 20 socks, take one out. If you packed two beach towels, take one out.

Now some of you, myself included, might even argue, you don’t even need the 19 socks or one beach towel that you are left with. But that is why this technique works for everybody. I wouldn’t pack 20 socks (or 19 socks), I wouldn’t pack a beach towel, but some people will want to have these things. Do I think you could still benefit by packing even lighter… for sure! But…

The Coco Chanel Technique for packing is a way to help everyone pack lighter. It’s easy, simple and actionable. And it’s a great first step to pack lighter, even if you don’t think you can.

Why Pack Lighter?

Now, this technique is particularly useful for the over-packers. You know who you are. Chances are you haven’t gotten through life without someone commenting, or without going on a holiday feeling like you probably didn’t need everything you packed. But every time you go to pack, even if you have the best of intentions, somehow you end up standing at the airport check-in counter holding your breath when your bag is put on the scales.

I have experienced both the benefits of packing light and the pitfalls of over-packing, and I believe that there is a benefit for all of us to pack lighter:

  • You won’t pay for excess baggage
  • You have less weight to carry around on your holiday, making your holiday much more relaxing
  • It’s easier to find things in your bag because you don’t need to go through your life belongings to find a sock
  • You have more space to buy things on holiday
  • And if you go carry-on only, you skip the baggage line at the airport, save on baggage fees and your bag will never get lost
  • Eventually, it will be easier to pack, as you will be packing less

How To Use The Coco Chanel Technique To Pack Lighter?

This is the best part, because using this technique makes it so simple to pack lighter. On your next trip do two things:

  1. Pack Your Bag As Normal
  2. Take one item out in every category (e.g. clothes, shoes, toiletries, shirts, socks, underwear)

How do you pack lighter? We would love to know if you use this technique, just let us know in the comments below…

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