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2 thoughts on “Packing Lighter And Easier: Introducing the Pack 120 Experiment”

  1. Hello, I live in Australia too and with my recent travels I have been loving just packing carry on! I was wonder what your thoughts are on the change in weight restrictions from 10kgs to 7kgs? Thanks!

    1. The 7kg limit can definitely be tough to stick too, especially with tech gear, which we have to take a lot of. Liquids can weigh a lot, so you can save weight by not packing toiletries and just buying them when you get there.
      Base your weight off your heaviest shoes/clothes inside. Despite what people say, we always wear our lightest items on the way there, so we know we have the flexibility of saving space by wearing our heaviest items on the way back.

      But we agree, carry on’s definitely the way to go :)

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