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Our Favourite Experiences Of Port Tasting In Porto, Portugal

Port Tasting In Porto Portugal

Port tasting in Porto is one of the most iconic things to do in Porto, and even Portugal. Time always amazes me, and the long term nature of wines and port is a process that can only be respected. During our time in Porto we wanted to taste as much Port as we could as well as do a cellar tour also. We had a few different cellars and port houses we wanted to visit and had a great time port tasting in Porto. We ended up doing a cellar tour and tasting at Croft, a tasting at Sandeman and a tasting at Kopke.

Port Tasting In Porto Portugal VLOG

Croft Port House and Cellar

We loved Croft. It is so hard to pick which of the cellars to visit and we were so happy with the tour we did with Croft. Not being huge ‘tour’ people, we found this tour a nice introduction to some of the history of Port as well as being an old cellar full of character. Croft was founded in 1588 and is actually the oldest Port producing firm which is impressive. Above all, the port wine we had were all great. Included in the ticket is 3 port tastings. Before our port cellar tour we tried a Croft Pink Port (Croft were the first to produce a rose port), and a Ruby Reserve Port. After the port cellar we got to try a Croft 10 Year Tawny Port. We liked them all but the 10 Year Tawny would be our favourite port from Croft that we tried.

Croft Pink Port And Ruby Port Porto

Croft House Porto

Exploring The Port Wine Cellar Porto

Croft Port Cellar Tour Porto

Croft Port House and Cellar

Cost: 10€ Per Person for the Cellar Tour including 3 tastings (Every 40 minutes, bookings only needed for groups).

Open: 10 AM – 6 PM


One of the most iconic port ‘brands’, we tried to do a port cellar tour here too. When we were there the tours were booked out. This is a very popular cellar tour so do book in advance if you want to do this one. So we decided to go to the Sandeman Terrace and tried their Fine White Port and a Fine Tawny Port. It was really nice sitting outside in the terrace and looking back at the magnificent city of Porto. We preferred the white port from Kopke though and as far as tawnies go next time we would try the aged tawnies. The Sandeman terrace has a focus on port based cocktails, so if you have been doing port tasting in Porto all day, but still want to experience this iconic beverage in a new way, try a port cocktail.

Sandeman Terrace Porto

View Of The Ribeira Porto

Sandeman Man Porto


Fine White Port – 3€

Fine Tawny Port – 3€

Cellar Tour Cost: From 10€ Per Person for the Cellar Tour including 2 tastings (Booking Recommended).

Terrace Open: 10 AM – 8 PM

Kopke House

Kopke House is the Kopke shop rather than the cellar, so you can have tastings here but no cellar tour. This tasting was probably our favourite tasting ports. Big call considering we loved all the ports we had tried, but feel it was warranted. Here your tastings are actually full port serves, and are matched with Arcádia chocolates which really made the tasting more of an experience. You may not have the cellar tour or terrace, but it had a really sophisticated yet relaxed feel which we loved. You still had great views to enjoy every sip with. Here we tried a White Port, a Ruby Reserve and a 10 Year Tawny. The 10 Year Tawny was our favourite of the three if we had to choose.

Kopke Port Tasting In Porto

Kopke Port Tasting Room Porto

Kopke House

White Port, Ruby Reserve, 10 Year Tawny – Approximately 10€ for the 3 ports.

Open: 10 AM – 7 PM

The Ultimate Day Of Port Tasting In Porto

I feel that we had a really great mix of all things port wine. We loved starting with a Croft cellar tour, which was exactly what we wanted out of a cellar tour, soaking in Porto and tasting port on the Sandeman terrace, and finishing with Port and chocolate at Kopke.

Tasting Some Port In A Port Cellar Porto

The only changes I would make would be, book the Sandeman cellar tour. To be honest one cellar tour was probably enough unless you are super interested, but if you want to do another we heard good things about the Sandeman tour.  The only other possible change would be to do Kopke before Sandeman. I say this as Kopke closes before Sandeman’s terrace, so if you are trying to find a place to have a few ports after a few ports to enjoy the evening then you may want to finish at Sandeman as it closes a little later.

One other thing, I wish we had tried some Vintage Port at the Cellars. Whilst in Porto we tried a Vintage Port, not sure of the year or brand, but it was really good. You might have been able to tell from this article that we loved our 10 Year Tawnies but Vintage Port is vintage for a reason and was super nice.

We absolutely loved our day, tasting port wine in Porto. We knew nothing about port before and now have another drink that we love that I am sure we will have more of now!

For more information, see the official Porto Tourism Website and Visit Portugal.

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What is your favourite Port tasting in Porto? Let us know…

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