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Should You Get Travel Insurance? Why We’re So Happy We Did.

Should You Get Travel Insurance

Should you get travel insurance is a question I think most people ask themselves at some point. Is it worth it? Will anything really go wrong when I travel? In my experience, you should absolutely get travel insurance. After many trips overseas and a full year of travel, there are so many reasons why we’re so happy that we always get travel insurance.

Our Year Of Travel And Claims: Good2Go Travel Insurance Review

One Year Of Travel: Cuts, Stitches, Bites and Hospitals

Ok, so there were a lot of positives in between the cuts, stitches, bites and hospitals, but all these things still happened. And I know what you’re thinking, it was a year of travel so there’s more chance of something happening. But…

Stitches In Bali

Jungle In Ubud Bali

Travel Insurance Bali

To my surprise, the very first incident, cutting my head and getting 5 stitches, happened within the first two weeks of our trip in Bali, something that could have happened on a 2 week holiday. And you’ll never guess how it happened. Seriously. Im sure you’re picturing riding a motorbike or some sort of adventurous activity. Nope! In my attempt to answer the door to the hotel room I ran straight into the corner of a safe door. When the pain didn’t go away and I finally pulled my hand away from my head, I knew something was wrong when all I could see was blood. Ouch…did that hurt! And who would have thought you could hurt yourself so bad in a hotel room?!

It’s funny, although I’ve always thought travel insurance was essential, I also hoped that I never had to use it. It really kind of shocked me that I ended up using my travel insurance multiple times in one year. Ahhh…

Spider Bites In Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Insurance

Only a few months later in Vietnam, I found some strange spider-like bite on my leg, so found myself back at the doctors. What was happening? Never before had I had any doctors visits on a holiday. And there was really nothing I could have done to predict or prevent both these situations. Knowing I had travel insurance gave me such peace of mind as I knew I could just go to the doctor and get it fully checked out.

Hospitals and Dentists In Italy

Pizza in Italian Hospital

Ok, now I know this isn’t really the point of this article, but did you know that Italian hospitals have awesome food courts! Lets just say I entered the hospital pretty grim… until I saw pizza ovens and pizza makers with white bakers hats, and espresso bars with coffee and pastries. This was something else… only in Italy!

I digress. In Rome, I had an ear problem which meant doctors, hospitals and even a dentist!

So this was another completely different scenario that again I couldn’t predict or prevent, and it involved investigation, which could definitely get costly if you didn’t have travel insurance.

So all in all, it was a great year hahaha! No, really, all jokes aside, our year of travel was absolutely amazing, and having travel insurance just made those tough times that little bit easier.

Should You Get Travel Insurance?

So obviously I had a few medical mishaps on our last trip, but Travel Insurance doesn’t just cover medical. Obviously what’s covered depends on what policy you have, but some things which may be covered include cancellation fees, delayed flights, lost luggage, missed connections and emergency expenses.

So should you get travel insurance? Absolutely yes. For me, getting travel insurance allows you to enjoy your holiday. Sure, it can’t prevent things from going wrong, but it can definitely make sure that if things do go wrong, you have peace of mind that you don’t also need to worry about extra expense on top of that. Even if you don’t need to make a claim, having travel insurance means there’s so much less to worry about.

For our year of travel we used Good2Go Travel Insurance – The Works Policy, and as you can probably tell, we were very happy we did. Making all of our claims was simple and straightforward. We have used Good2Go Travel insurance for years, and they are our preferred choice for travel insurance.

Should you get travel insurance? Would love to hear your opinion and experiences…

This post is in collaboration with Good2Go Travel Insurance, whom we have personally used for the last few years :)

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