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Unexpected Travel: Footsteps Outside My Front Door

Unexpected Travel

It was a normal evening walk. Or so I thought.

One foot after the other. Beyonces’ superpower playing in my ears. Beautiful skies bursting to break into sunset. Even the old wooden posts peeling paint revealed it’s dignity. And then I realised.

Sydney Sunsets

I was no longer out for an evening walk, or some fresh air. I was getting a new perspective. I was finding beauty. I was seeing the same things as if for the first time. I was travelling. Right outside my front doorstep.

If I wasn’t already convinced, my phone camera quickly followed suit and started taking photo’s as if it was a rebellious teenager full of energy and not caring what anyone thinks “that’s right, I do live just footsteps away, yeah, I have seen this a million times before, but somehow not how it looks today”.


And then the travel mindset set in. Suddenly I had 50 cents’ “Touch The Sky” playing on repeat, any song on repeat is usually a sign I’m in a determined/motivated/inspired “mood”. With a spring in my step I ran up my usual hill as if I was as light as a feather. I barely noticed how much I was puffing at the top (and believe me I was puffing).

Flowers, and even weeds made me smile. Traffic lights looked pretty and decorative. People passed by looking happy. Construction zones looked productive rather then ugly.

Traffic Light Beauty

I finally moved onto some different songs, which proved to be an error. My front door came and went, not able to let this feeling pass my feet just kept going, spurred on by the music setting the perfect scene.

Then as my door came around for the second time, I was content with my unexpected travel, I winked back at the moon and turned in for the night.


No time to rest (or maybe just an excuse to reminisce on my latest travels), I wanted to share my journey with you.

Travel is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes and go outside.

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