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Where To Go in Vietnam

Where to go in Vietnam

Wondering where to go in Vietnam? Vietnam is such a beautiful and diverse country. There are so many options and something for everyone. From buzzing cities to pristine beaches, from green luscious countryside to rivers that tell a story.

Ho Chi Minh City

  • Buzzing Energy
  • Motorbikes, motorbikes, motorbikes…
  • Delicious Street Food
  • Markets
  • Cu Chi Tunnels (nearby)
  • War History

Hoi An

  • Very “touristy” but eases at night
  • Cars are not allowed in main streets, which makes for easy walking around
  • Known for it’s mouth watering food (But you can find great food all over Vietnam)
  • Famous for it’s Lanterns, in particular at the Full moon Party (Lantern Festival)
  • War History


  • Close to Hoi An (about a 40 minute drive)
  • Picturesque Beaches
  • Nature at it’s best (Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsula)
  • Intriguing city fast developing
  • War History


  • The capital of Vietnam
  • Fascinating Mix of Old and New
  • Beautiful Lakes
  • French Infusion
  • Crazy Traffic
  • War History

Other Places of Interest

  • Halong Bay: About a 4 hr drive from Hanoi, it is worth the drive. Do an overnight boat cruise through this stunning Bay.
  • Hue: Near Da Nang, Hue is rich in history from the Nguyen Dynasty and the Vietnam War.
  • Da Lat: Charming in the countryside, with a strong French Influence, with great local produce
  • Mui Ne: Beautiful beaches, Water sports and Sand Dunes
  • Nha Trang: Bustling Coastal Resort City with beautiful beaches and offshore islands
  • Sapa: Culturally rich and traditional, with Hill-top tribes and lots of trekking trails
  • Mekong: Abundant in culture and history, as well as fascinating scenery.

How long should I go for?

If it’s your first time to Vietnam, try and go for at least 10 days, but preferably two weeks. There is so much to see and do once your there, and it can take time to get between each destination.¬†Vietnam is a very long country, so if you are only going for a short time, I would fly between destinations if you can. But if you have the time it might be a good idea to catch a train during your trip.

It also depends on how many places you wish to visit once there, and how close/far they are. I would recommend seeing at least 3 different destinations within Vietnam. But it is really a personal choice, so I would suggest starting by figuring out which places you want to visit, and as a guide have a minimum of 3 nights in each. Having said that, you could easily spend a month or more in Vietnam.

Hope you enjoyed our ideas for where to go in Vietnam. Where will you go?

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