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3 thoughts on “What To Do When You Break Your Camera Lens In Turkey”

  1. Hi Mandy and Chris, We ended up having to take the painful overnight bus back to Istanbul and spending a day and night there so we could go to the ‘Zoom’ camera shop to speak with someone who deals with Olympus. Turns out it’s not covered under any warranty overseas, they could send it away for fixing but would take 3 weeks and we would have to pay for it and we were about to leave Turkey for Greece and didn’t want to have to come back to Istanbul a 3rd time to pick it up…. So, the final decision was to purchase a new camera body as they had the same model, and post our broken camera back to Melbourne to have it fixed under warranty. Which it now has been. So when we return from traveling in another year or so we’ll have 2 camera’s.
    We did go to Kusedaci to find the guy you recommend, but he had moved shops, we spent a while trying to find his new shop and when we did he said we will have to go to Istanbul as he doesn’t have anything to do with repairs. But was worth a shot.
    Thanks for your help anyway! How are you guys going?
    Your Nice pics look fab!
    Cheers, Sarah & Adam :)

  2. Hi there, thanks heaps for this post! We are currently in Fethiye and our wonderful new camera is having issues and we have been trying to figure out what to do. So far the best advice we have received from anyone here is to find a camera shop when we got to Izmir, which we weren’t planning to stop at just pass by on the wayvto Troy. However after reading your blog perhaps we shall contact Murat first to see if he can help us. We are really hoping it can be repaired easily and doesn’t need replacing as we bought it in Australia before we left and for the warranty we would need to bring it back to the store and we’re traveling for the next year.
    Did you happen to have the website or email for Murat?
    Thanks again,
    Sarah & Adam :)

    1. Hi Sarah, after speaking to you on Instagram, how did you go with your camera? Would love to know :)

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