Our 3 Day Mykonos Itinerary

3 Day Mykonos Itinerary

Mykonos was a place I was really looking forward to, then everyone tells you not to. Well, not everyone, but after lots of research there were very mixed results about Mykonos. Is it a tourist trap? What does that even mean? Lots of tourists (aka people who don’t live there) go there. Then yes. But if lots of people go there, it’s usually for a reason. Is it more expensive then most other Greek Islands, probably. But then again, spending the day at the beach doesn’t cost that much, and there are many beautiful beaches to choose from. I found Mykonos to be everything I (originally) thought it would be. Beautiful. Greek (to state the obvious). White. And a fun and memorable way to spend the few days we had. Take a look at how we spent 3 days in Mykonos…

Our 3 Day Mykonos Itinerary

Day 1

We arrived in Mykonos around lunch time, and went for a ravenous search through the streets of Mykonos town for what we knew would be one of our last gyros. Today was a day of exploration, a swim, an evening drink at Little Venice, a look at the windmills, and we even checked out the local supermarket (one of my favourite things to do everywhere we go). First impressions were great, but the next day got even better.

Little Venice, Mykonos

Things We Did

  • Explore the streets of Mykonos Town
  • Swim at one of the many beautiful beaches
  • Checked out the local supermarket and got some food to prepare at our accommodation
  • Evening Drink at Little Venice
  • Took in the view of the windmills
  • Dinner in Mykonos Town


Exploring the streets of Mykonos Town and the first sight of Mykonos from the port.

Mykonos Windmills

Day 2

The day we hired a smart car. We decided it would be nice to get out of Mykonos Town and see more of the island. We hired a car, got a map and just started driving. We went from beach to beach to beach, and we literally went “off the beaten track”. Who knew Mykonos had so many dirt roads, or maybe I should call them clearings? It was the best day, we felt like we were going four wheel driving in our little smart car.

Driving To Mykonos Beaches

Things We Did

  • Hired a car
  • Drove around Mykonos to all the different beaches
  • Lunch at Fokos Taverna
  • Swim at Panormos Beach
  • Dinner in Mykonos Town (Nikos Taverna)
  • Ice Cream at Gelarte


Hiring a car and driving around Mykonos to the beaches.

Mykonos Beaches

Day 3

Today was our last full day, so we spent most of the day in Mykonos town exploring, made a Greek salad for a lazy lunch at home. Later in the evening, we went to Cavo Paradiso at Paradise Beach.

Things We Did

  • Explored Mykonos Town
  • Dinner in Mykonos Town (Pasta Fresca Barkia)
  • Went to Cavo Paradiso at Paradise Beach

Mykonos Streets

Our 3 Day Mykonos Itinerary Review

So that’s how we spent 3 days in Mykonos. Here’s a run down of the pro’s and con’s of our itinerary.

Pros of our Mykonos Itinerary

Staying in Mykonos Town (Chora). For our first time to Mykonos, staing in Mykonos town was a great choice, as it allowed us to see a lot in the few days we were there, and we had easy access to shops, restaurants, beaches and transport. However, I could see how on a return visit, it might be nice to stay somewhere other then Mykonos Town, and have more beach/relaxing days.

Cons of our Mykonos Itinerary

Not a lot of time to relax. We had enough time to see lots of the island, and do a few different things. And we did have some downtime too. But if you want a few days to relax at the beach, then a couple more days might be nice. Having said that, you might choose to have your relaxing days on a different island.


Highlights of our 3 Day Mykonos Itinerary included:

  • Getting lost in the streets of Mykonos Town
  • Eating at Fokos Taverna
  • Hiring a car and driving around to all the beaches

There are many more things to do in Mykonos, and there seems to be something for everyone.

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Have you been to Mykonos? What were your highlights? Thinking of going? Let us know if you have any questions below…

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