10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Bali

Why You Should Go To Bali

It’s no secret that Chris and I love Bali. What you may not know is that we have another website devoted just to Bali. This week we redesigned our Almost Landing Bali website so it’s much easier for you to find the best information and plan your Bali trip. So to celebrate the launch of the redesign, we decided to give you 10 reasons why you should go to Bali (even though there’s many more).

Why You Should Go To Bali

#1. The People

Sure, you can get the pushy salesman at the markets, but other than that, I’ve found Balinese people to be so friendly. Some of my most memorable experiences have been of a friendly tour guide, hotel staff or people you encounter along your way.

#2. The Beaches

Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan

I never use to think Bali had nice beaches… until I went to one, and then another and another. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re expecting Kuta beach to be like “The Beach”, you will be severely disappointed. But venture out of the main hub, and beautiful beaches await.

#3. The Landscape

Rice Fields In Bali

From beautiful beaches, to rice fields and terraces, to mountains, Bali has such a diversity of nature. It’s stunning enough just to look at, or to take photos of, but you can also do many experiences amongst the natural beauty of Bali.

#4. The Tranquility

This is the “eat, pray, love” version of Bali that so many come for. Although it may not be exactly like the movie, there are places in Bali that offer tranquility by the bucket loads, and plenty of amazing and unique accommodation options to match.

#5. The Food

Food In Bali

Finding good traditional Balinese food can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. Balinese and Indonesian food is delicious and unique. But Bali also has other draw cards like world renowned restaurants, cafes, warungs (local restaurants), organic food, seafood dinners on the beach, and many other food experiences that are worth coming to Bali for.

#6. The Price

Once in Bali, you will get value for money. Massages can be as little as $10, some food can also be quite inexpensive, taxi’s and private drivers are well priced and the service in Bali is always impeccable. Coming from Australia? Then your airfares to Bali are amongst some of the cheapest international fares you will find.

#7. The Distance (if you live in Australia)

Flying to Bali from Sydney can take as little as 5 hrs, or 3 hrs from Perth! There’s not too many international destinations that you can get too from Australia in that time frame.

#8. Luxury For Less

Luxury Accommodation In Bali

Bali is brimming with luxury accommodation, restaurants and experiences. Although the prices can still be high, our Bali experiences have definitely given us value for money

#9. Health Retreats, Spa’s And Yoga

Yoga in Bali

Is Bali the land of yoga? Maybe… In Bali you will find world class health retreats, yoga options galore, and spa’s for every need and budget. If you need to rejuvenate, or if you just want to pamper yourself, then Bali’s got you covered.

#10. There’s Something For Everyone

Don’t be too quick to stereotype Bali, because you will find that Bali is so diverse there is something for everyone. From food, to shopping, to beaches to health retreats to diving to… the list goes on and on. The truth is, you can easily tailor you trip to Bali for your needs, by choosing the right places to stay and visit and experiences to do.

Bonus #11. It’s Close Enough To Easily Visit Lombok and The Gili Islands.

Gili Trawangan

Lombok is a neighbouring island of Bali, which you can reach by a 30 minute flight or a 2 hour boat ride. Lombok has stunning landscape and is relatively untouched by the effects of tourism. Off the mainland you will find the Gili Islands, a stunning group of islands with pristine beaches straight off a postcard.

Is Bali on your bucket list? If you’ve been, what’s your favourite thing about Bali?


  • Hi Mark,
    Would love to help with your itinerary! We actually have an entire website on Bali at AlmostLanding-Bali.com where we have more information. There is a sample 3 week itinerary there at
    There is a wet and dry season, with the wet season starting in October through to April, the dry season from May to September. Although this is a consideration, don’t be discarded by the wet season, as the rain is usually only in short bursts, and there is no guarantee you won’t get some rain during the dry season.
    We just got back from Bali (dry season) and we had a fair bit of rain. We have travelled to Bali in both seasons and enjoyed it every time. It really depends what you want to do, for example hikes would be easier/safer in the dry season.
    If you let us know some more info about what your interested in, we could give you some more tips!
    Hope this helps,
    Mandy and Chris

  • Mark says:

    Would like to spend 3 weeks in Bali and Lombok. can you provide an itinerary? selection on dates to travel. Not sure if there is a rain/Storm season.

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