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16 thoughts on “Our 4 Day Santorini Itinerary: Our Favourite Things To See And Do”

  1. Santorini has been in my bucket list for I don’t know how long. I think we will finally be taking a trip to Santorini in October of this year. This is a great itinerary. Thank you for sharing your experiences and tips.

  2. Having just got married on Saturday 3rd September, we are now on Santorini for our Honeymoon of 10 nights. Staying at Marizan Caves in Oia, which is where you may have stayed?
    Having visited a number of Greek Islands over many years, this is my first time on Santorini. So far so good. The people are as friendly as ever, views stunning, fresh local food and fabulous September weather – 29c at 10am today.
    As for the famous Santorini sunset……it’s more stunning than pictures could ever portray.
    Planning on a few trips but mainly chilling out after a hectic few months wedding planning!
    A must visit destination if travelling around the Greek Islands.

    1. Hi Pete, that sounds absolutely amazing! Definitely making us want to come back sooner rather than later ;) Hope you had a beautiful honeymoon :)

  3. Hi! Thanks for sharing your itinerary! Lovely photos and videos!
    I was wondering if you still recall what was the name of the cave house you stayed at?

    1. Hi Karen, thanks so much :) I don’t recall what the cave house was, just had a quick search and can’t find it either :( But there are so many beautiful cave houses in Oia to choose from. Have a great trip!

    1. Hi, we loved a seafood dinner at Dimitri’s at Amoudi Bay, gyros at Pito Gyros in Oia and breakfast at Mylos Bar Restaurant in Firostefani. Have a great time in Santorini :)

  4. Hello Mandy and Chris,

    Thanks for all you shared here. My daughter and her two friends, who are 18-20 years old, are considering going to Santorini for about 4 days. They want to lounge around, shop and experience a bit of nightlife. From your experience, is this the place for them? Do you have alternate suggestions from your travels in Greece? Thanks!


    1. Hi Linda, there is a bit of nightlife in Fira, however Santorini is not known for being full of nightlife. Shopping is good, more like boutique stores. The beaches here are nice but not the ‘white sand beaches’ that you may picture when you think Greek Islands. If they were after more nightlife but still a beautiful island to explore, then maybe Mykonos is more for them. Having said that, if they decide on Santorini, I’m sure they will love it as it’s absolutely beautiful. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions :)

  5. j’ai eu l’occasion de visiter plusieurs regions en grece,c’est vraiment le paradis,sans ajouter aucun commentaire…bravo Anastasia.

  6. Hi Mandy and Chris,
    My wife and I are traveling in south Italy and Sicily in April 2015. We plan on flying from Palermo to Santorini (via Rome,Athens then Santorini) We will stay there for 3 night. We would like to visit another island for 3 more night then back to Athens 2 nights before we head back to the US.Any suggestions on the island we should consider to visit? I like Rhodes but I’m concerned it is further from Athens.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds like you have an amazing trip planned. Sicily is a place I would love to visit.

      As for the Greek Islands, did you have any preferences e.g. small, quiet island, busier island with more to do, nice beaches, history etc?

      I loved Rhodes as it had a great mix of history, beaches and things to do. I had a quick look online at Aegean Airlines, and although you have to fly through Athens first, you can still get to Rhodes from Santorini in as little as 2.5 hours including layover time. It does, however, add another two flights to your itinerary. There are overnight ferries, but the schedule for April is not yet out, and they only run every few days. So if you don’t mind the flights, I think you will love Rhodes.

      Otherwise I would suggest staying in the Cyclades. We visited Mykonos and I was pleasantly surprised. Hired a car for the day, drove to more remote areas and lot’s of beautiful beaches. I enjoyed getting lost in the streets of Mykonos town. And this is what I found when we were planning our trip: Naxos is one of the biggest islands in the cyclades, and seems to offer a little bit of everything. Or for smaller, more secluded islands perhaps try Milos, Folegrandos or Serifos.

      Have a wonderful trip and let us know if you have anymore questions,

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