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Getting The Train from Ljubljana To Venice: Everything You Need To Know

Train From Ljubljana To Venice

I absolutely love travelling by train, especially in Europe. There’s something about it, getting to see more, it’s usually relaxing, definitely more spacious than a bus and almost seems like an adventure in itself. That’s why, when we realised it was possible to get the train from Ljubljana to Venice, it was an easy choice. It’s not quite as straightforward as one train, but it’s definitely doable. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the train from Ljubljana to Venice…

Train From Ljubljana To Venice Overview

After exploring beautiful Slovenia, it was time to leave for our next stop… Venice. This involved a train from Ljubljana to Villa Opicina, what we thought would be a tram (but ended up being a bus for us) from Villa Opicina to Trieste, and then a train from Trieste to Venice. The actual travel time is 4.5 hours, but the time it takes from start to finish will be longer depending on how long you wait for connections etc. Get your printable Ljubljana to Venice map at the end of the post…

Ljubljana to Venice Map

Ljubljana To Villa Opicina

The train from Ljubljana to Villa Opicina was a nice local train. It was comfortable and had some beautiful scenery. We were travelling in late October and it was quite chilly outside, but there was definitely enough heating on the train. Once you arrive at Villa Opicina, it’s about a 10 minute walk to the tram station. Make sure to have a google map of the area downloaded and you can get directions. It’s really lovely getting off in Italy, you can smell the espresso in the air!

Train From Ljubljana To Villa Opicina

Ljubljana To Villa Opicina Scenery

Travel: Local train

Time Taken: 2 hours

Tickets: 8.70 Euro each (purchased from Ljubljana train station). Check the timetable here.

Villa Opicina To Trieste

Once you reach the tram station, they should ordinarily run frequently. When we were there the tram was out of service, but they had a replacement bus running the same route. There is a little cafe where you can buy tickets and the bus will stop just ahead of the tram station. The bus journey was still lovely, with beautiful views as you come up over the hill. I’m not sure where the tram stops in Trieste, but from the bus stop, we had a 5 minute walk to the train station. For further information, you can check the Tram Website.

Trieste Opicina Tramway

Tram Station Villa Opicina

Travel: Bus (but usually a tram when it’s working)

Time Taken: 25 minutes

Tickets: 1.35 Euro each (purchased at shop near tram station)

Trieste To Venice

The trains from Trieste to Venice run every hour and you can purchase your tickets once you get there. This train was particularly packed. It probably didn’t help that we sat in the wrong class carriage when we first arrived and had to move carriages mid journey when there were no seats left. That being said, board the train as soon as you can so you can get a seat, or get a first class ticket. We did eventually get a seat but it was full. The train ride was quite picturesque with ocean views and views of the Italian countryside, without being the most stunning train scenery. For further information and timetables, you can check Trenitalia.

Trieste Italy

Trieste Train Station Italy

Trieste To Venice Train

Travel: Regional train

Time Taken: 2 hours

Tickets: 13.40 Euro each (purchased at Trieste train station but you can also purchase online at Trainline)

Would We Recommend The Train From Ljubljana To Venice?

Train From Trieste To Venice

Getting the train from Ljubljana to Venice was such a fun experience, I would definitely recommend doing it. It was great to get off in a small town right on the border of Italy and Slovenia and see the differences. I’m sure it would have been amazing to get the tram too. It was great to see some of Trieste, although I almost wish we could have spent a night there, simply because it always feels like a shame to have been somewhere without actually seeing much of it. But as often is the way on holidays, you don’t always have time and need to make choices. And despite how busy the train from Trieste to Venice was, it was still great to see the scenery. 

Printable Ljubljana To Venice Map

Ljubljana To Venice Map Image Get your free printable Ljubljana to Venice map here.








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So that’s how to get the train from Ljubljana to Venice. Let us know if you have any questions… 

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