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2 thoughts on “What To Pack For Italy Carry-On Only + Printable Italy Packing List”

  1. superb detail – we are planning to visit Rome and Venice (myself + wife + 2 year old kid) on 7th to 14th nov. 4 nights in rome + 3 night in venice (trip will be from Bombay to rome & return will be from Venice to Bombay)

    from rome to Venice we wish to travel by train

    and regarding sight seeing wish to go there see and book the same.

    what will be your suggestion please guide and advise us.

    1. Hi Ravi, that sounds like an amazing trip :) We absolutely love both Rome and Venice!

      For the trains, we usually book online with Trainline ( in advance to take advantage of the early bird prices. The trains in Italy are great and have beautiful scenery.

      In Rome, there is so much to do and eat! Palatine Hill might be nice and relaxing, and if you want to go to the Colosseum, you can get a ticket including both at Palatine Hill so you don’t need to wait in line at the Colosseum. Exploring the streets, piazzas and fountains of Rome is a great way to spend many days. A walk through Villa Borghese is also beautiful. Trastevere is a great neighbourhood to explore too. In terms of food, eat as much as you can ;) For some of our favourite dishes and places to eat, see our articles here:
      And for more things to do in Rome see:
      And for Rome hotels:
      In Venice, one of our favourite things to do is explore the areas with fewer tourists like Castello and parts of Dorsoduro. And eat Cicchetti!
      Take a look at our Venice guide here for more details:
      Hope this helps and hope you all have a beautiful time in Italy :)

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