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Where To Eat In Nice France

Where To Eat In Nice France

Nice is one of those special places where you can get the best of both worlds. Beautiful French cuisine and fresh produce is readily available, but being only 30 minutes away from Italy there is a strong Italian influence too. So where to eat in Nice? Having just spent 5 glorious weeks in Nice, here are our absolute favourite recommendations…

Where To Eat In Nice France: Our Favourite Picks

Our Favourite Restaurants In Nice

Bistrot D’Antoine

Bistrot d' Antoine

Bistrot d' Antoine Duck Breast

Bistrot D’Antoine was one of my favourite restaurants in Nice. We attempted to go there on our first trip to Nice, but it was all booked out (make sure you make a reservation in advance). This time around, we had an amazing dinner and it definitely lived up to expectations.

I had a duck breast with crispy skin, celeriac puree and delicious potatoes. Chris had a pork cheek and polenta dish and it was equally as good but in a more rustic way. I loved the way things were presented and it was such a cosy environment.

27 Rue de la Préfecture | Tues – Sat: 12.00 – 1.45pm + 7.00 – 9.45pm

La Merenda

La Merenda Restaurant

Fried Courgette Flowers

La Merenda Food

Dominique Le Stanc - La Merenda

La Merenda is a small restaurant with a small open kitchen and no phone. Reservations must be made in person. If you go early enough you may get a table at the time. It’s so small that the table actually needs to be pulled out to let you in. I loved it.

We had fried zucchini flowers which were amazing, I had a hearty lentil and sausage dish, and Chris had oxtail with orange sauce.

The only downside to the entire evening was when after ordering I realised there was pesto pasta, my favourite, on the menu. And then everyone around you orders pesto pasta… my already spoilt stomach was having pesto envy.

4 Rue Raoul Bosio | Mon – Fri: 12 – 2pm + 7 – 11pm


Oliviera Caprese Salad

Oliviera Food - Pesto and Lasangne

This is a restaurant that is also an olive oil shop. And that’s the concept, all dishes showcase beautiful and different olive oils from the region. Nadim, your host, is so friendly and welcoming, it creates a lovely atmosphere.

We had the tomato and mozzarella salad which was so delicious with local cheese, the most vibrant tomatoes and of course the beautiful olive oils. Then I had pesto pasta which was different to what I’m used to but still very good, and Chris had a delicious courgette lasagna.

8 Bis Rue du Collet | Tues – Sat: 12.30 – 2pm + 7 – 9pm

Chez Acchiardo

Duck With Fig Sauce

Tarte Tatin

We went to Chez Acchiardo on the recommendation of our Airbnb host. It was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed our meal but not as much as the others mentioned above, but I think it depends on what you get.

Chris had a delicious dish, duck breast with fig sauce… soo tasty. This area is known for pesto so I have to capitalise, I promise I order other things. The pesto was nice but a little bit disappointing.

The dessert of Tarte Tatin was delicious, so we finished on a high. Chez Acchiardo had a great environment, especially if in a group.

38 Rue Droite | Mon – Fri: 12 – 2pm + 7 – 10pm

Le Comptoir du Marche

Comptoir du Marche

We had this on our list of places to go but ran out of time. We walked past it so many times and it looked great and had some great reviews. When back in Nice, would love to go here.

8 Rue du Marché | Tues – Sat: 12 – 1.30pm + 7 – 9.30pm

Chez Pipo

Socca From Chez Pipo

Tasty Socca Chez Pipo

Chez Pipo

Chez Pipo has hands down the best socca (like a chickpea flatbread or pancake) in Nice. It just doesn’t compare to other socca, it’s almost a different dish.

Don’t expect a full restaurant meal here though, go for a snack-like lunch, have some socca and an assortment of their other dishes.

13 Rue Bavastro | Tues – Sat: 11.30 – 2.30pm + 5.30 – 10pm | Sun 5.30 – 10pm



Multari Bakery Nice

Our favourite baguettes in Nice came from here, as well as my favourite Chausson Aux Pommes (apple turnovers).

8 Boulevard Jean Jaurès | Mon – Sat: 6am – 8pm | Sun: 7am – 7pm (also other locations throughout Nice)

Blanc Boulangerie

Located in the Old Town, Blanc Boulangerie had great baguettes and sweets.

10 Rue Alexandre Mari | Mon – Sat: 6.30am – 7.30pm | Sun: 6.30 am – 7pm

Ronde des Pains (Place Saint Francois)

Paris Brest

Now I’m actually not sure if this is the name of the bakery, but it opened when we were in Nice and it’s right on Place Saint Francois. They have great bread and pastries and plenty of seats to sit in the square and take in your surroundings.

Place Saint Francois

Cafes + Coffee

Brasilia Boite a Cafe

Brasilia Cafe

Brasilica Food

Brasilia Brunch

Brasilia is a little Brazilian-inspired cafe. Their food is pretty unique compared to other dishes you will try in the area, like tapioca crepes and Pão de queijo (choux pastry with cheese).

A lovely cafe to sit and relax for breakfast, lunch or a coffee.

8 Rue Bonaparte | Tues – Sat: 8am – 6pm

Brulerie des Cafes Indiens

Cafes Indiens

Cafes Indiens Hot Chocolate

Not just a cafe, but a shop selling tea and coffee beans. Chris enjoyed his coffee but not as much as other places and I enjoyed my hot chocolate but it was a little too thick and sweet. A good option in the Old Town.

35 Rue Pairolière

Emilie’s Cookies

Emilies Cookies Brownie

We first tried Emilie’s Cookies in Monaco and loved it. Although there are a few differences, we loved Emilie’s Cookies in Nice too. We tried the coffee, brownies and milkshake and all were pretty good.

1 Rue de la Prefecture | Mon-Sat: 9 am – 6.30 pm | Sun: 10 am – 6.30 pm


Maison Barale Pasta Store

Fresh Pasta

Fresh Ravioli

The best pasta shop in Nice. They sell all sorts of pasta like ravioli, linguine, gnocchi and ricotta gnocchi, as well as pasta sauces. It all tastes amazing and is an absolute must if you have cooking facilities in Nice.

7 Rue Sainte Réparate | Wed – Sat: 8am – 1pm + 3.30 – 7pm | Sun: 8am – 1pm

Tentazione Fromagerie

Tentazione Fromagerie

A cute little store selling more than just cheeses in the Old Town. We tried the ricotta, mozzarella and brie, and loved them all.

6 Rue du Collet | Tues-Sat: 8.30 am – 1 pm + 4 – 7.30 pm | Sun: 8.30 am – 1 pm

Boucherie Chez Francis

Chez Francis

An extremely busy butcher shop with a lot of character. Worth a visit even if just passing by.

11 Place Saint-Francois | Tues-Sat: 6.30 am – 12.30 pm + 3 – 7.30 pm | Sun: 6.30 am – 12.30 pm


Glacier Arlequin Gelati

Glacier Arlequin Gelati

This is the best gelato I had in Nice. The only unfortunate thing is its location. It’s not near the beach or in the old town, but rather a little behind the train station.

We fit it in perfectly on a walk from Cimiez to the Liberation markets, and it’s right near the markets.

9 Avenue Malaussena | Tues – Sun: 11 am – Midnight (summer) or 11 am – 9 pm (winter)

Patisserie LAC

Pattiserie LAC

This patisserie has some beautifully presented fancy pastries and chocolates, but they are more expensive than other places. Although I liked what I got from here, I found myself loving the more rustic pastries at the local bakeries more.

12 Rue de la Préfecture | Mon – Sat: 9.30 am – 7.30 pm | Sun: 9.30 am – 1 pm + 3 pm + 7 pm

Emilie’s Cookies

Great cakes and cookies, see above :)

Any Bakery

Some of my favourite desserts in Nice came from the bakeries, from the mille-feuille to the lemon tart to the eclairs. See my favourite bakeries above.


I’ve put these in others as I’m not entirely convinced but they are still good.

Fenocchio Glacier is an ice cream shop with many stores in Nice. It’s very popular and some people say it’s the best. Although there are lots of flavours, I didn’t love the gelato as much as in other places. But on the other hand, it’s the most readily available ice cream around, so when in need of an Ice cream nearby, I’d still go here.

La Maison Auer is a beautiful little chocolate shop. We enjoyed the chocolate from here, but the shop itself is often full of tourists and the prices are high when compared to other desserts in Nice. So for that reason, a bit hit-and-miss for me but if you want a cute chocolate shop, it’s worth mentioning.


Marché aux fruits et legumes (Cours Saleya Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Market)

Cours Saleya Market

My favourite market in Nice, full of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables and stunning flowers. I came here every other day for 5 weeks and it will forever be some of my fondest memories in Nice.

Definitely worth a visit even if just to get some strawberries for the beach. If you are staying in an Airbnb apartment even better, you can get more and cook :)

Cours Saleya | Tuesday – Sunday (6 am – 1 pm)

Marché aux fruits et légumes de la liberation (Liberation Market)

Liberation Market

The Liberation market is also great and a little more local. But my heart lies with the Cours Saleya market ;)

Place Charles de Gaulle | Tuesday – Sunday (6 am – 12.30 pm)


In case you’re staying in an apartment and are cooking, we liked these supermarkets:

Monoprix in Place Garibaldi

Carrefour City on Rue Cassini

Bio C’Bon on Boulevard Gambetta

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So that’s our picks for where to eat in Nice, what’s your favourite place? Let us know if you have any questions below…

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  1. Hey Mandy and Chris,

    Thank you so much for collating all the food places and recommendations. Your post is by far the most informative and fun to read blog on Nice!!

    Keep up the writing and posts

    Regards from Melbourne
    Emilia :)

  2. Your blog is the best blog on Nice trip that I’ve found. Thank you so much for all the information!

    1. Hi Jeesun! Thank you, that means so much :) We absolutely loved our time in Nice and especially the eating part ;)

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