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2 thoughts on “15 Incredible Things To Do In Nice France”

  1. Thank you for this post! What month did you visit? We are going in August, which I know is the intense vacation+tourist season…but what can ya do. We are from California and are no stranger to warm/hot Mediterranean climate, but I hear people talk about the sweltering heat there, so not sure what to expect! Also, did you find public transportation to the surrounding towns easy to navigate?

    1. Hi Deanna, so happy it helped :) We have been in Nice in May, June and July. It will be hot, but there are beautiful sea breezes too. Often morning and night are cooler too. Public transport is very easy. You can get the train to most places, and the bus to others. Take a look at our Day Trips From Nice France article for more details here:
      Have a fabulous time, we absolutely love Nice :)
      Mandy and Chris

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