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4 thoughts on “Where To Stay Amalfi Coast: Our Amalfi Coast Accommodation Guide”

  1. Hi, how does one get from Rome to the town of Amalfi?? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hi!

      We went from Rome to Naples, then Pompeii then onto Sorrento. So we got a fast train to Naples which only took just over an hour and explored Naples. We then got a train to Pompeii (Circumvesuviana train) which took about 30 minutes, explored Pompeii then got back on the train to go to Sorrento which takes another 30 minutes. From Sorrento, you can explore here or get a bus or boat to Amalfi town. We got the boat from Sorrento to Amalfi town and it was great.

      You can skip Pompeii if you want to go straight from Naples to Sorrento.

      Another option is to take the train from Rome to Salerno (2 hours) and then get a boat or bus to Amalfi town.

      Have a great time in Amalfi, it’s stunning!!

  2. Another Amazing blog guys! You seem to go to all the places on my bucket list. I just got back from Bali and Singapore. Thanks to you, I knew what to do and where to go in Bali. My next trip is London THEN Amalfi Coast and Naples. So I love reading this, thanks for being awesome.

    1. Haha, thanks so much Chris! We’ll have some more Amalfi Coast blogs coming out soon too. Have an amazing time :)

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