10 Things To Do In Mykonos (and why I was surprised I loved them)

Things To Do In Mykonos

I had always wanted to go to Mykonos. Until we actually decided to go to Mykonos. See, I was mesmerised by the pictures of white houses, little streets, beautiful beaches and the Greek Lifestyle. But when we started researching more about Mykonos, I found mixed reviews and I myself had mixed feelings. I started seeing things like overly-crowded, tourist trap, and advice to skip the island altogether.

But as soon as I stepped off the boat onto land, I was surprised how quickly I was mesmerised again. But this time, not because of the way I had hoped Mykonos to be, but because of the way it actually was.

10 Things To Do In Mykonos

1. Getting lost in the streets of Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town

Tiny little streets lined with white buildings splashed with colourful doors, the streets of Mykonos town were such fun to explore. Chris and I got lost a few times, but wouldn’t have had it any other way.

2. Relaxing at one of the bars in Little Venice

Little Venice

Although Little Venice can be a little touristy, it’s definitely worth a look. Bars and restaurants line the waterfront, all with a view of the windmills Mykonos is known for.

3. Eating at Fokos Taverna

Fokos Taverna

This one was a total surprise. We stumbled across it on our drive around Mykonos to the different beaches. This restaurant is at Fokos Beach, and the food is not only delicious but it’s unique too. Absolute gem!

4. Swimming at Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach

Panormous beach did get quite busy, but the water was crystal clear, the sand white and soft, and if you wanted to spend the day it had good facilities, including a restaurant and lots of umbrellas/chairs/cushions on the beach.

5. Exploring the local fruit and vegetable shop and supermarket for supplies.

Fruit and Vegetable Store in Mykonos

I love going to supermarkets and shops that I would If I lived in a place. I love comparing them and the experience to home, finding the different food, it’s simple but I love it.

6. Making our own Greek Salad in our room, and sitting on the balcony eating it.

Greek Salad

It seemed that wherever we found feta, Chris and I would make a Greek salad. Although we could have bought one out, sometimes it’s nice to go to the shops, prepare and eat at ‘home’, taste the fresh produce and relax.

7. Finding Lia Beach

Lia Beach

There was something about Lia Beach. It wasn’t too crowded, remote but not too remote, the water was stunning and it just had a nice feel about it instantly.

8. Having dinner in Mykonos Town (and trying to find it)

Mussels in Mykonos

Eating in the tiny streets of Mykonos town was an experience worth it on the atmosphere alone. And if you thought it was easy to get lost in the streets during the day…

9. The sea of “white”. White buildings. White Clothes. White boats.

White Mykonos

As soon as you step onto land in Mykonos, you are hit with this sea of white. It’s an amazing contrast to the blue of the sea, and all the colours just pop.

10. Hiring a car and driving around dirt roads in Mykonos to find all the beaches.

Driving around Mykonos

This was by far my favourite thing to do in Mykonos. Chris and I hired a car and drove all around Mykonos from beach to beach. There is so much more to Mykonos then what’s in the main tourist areas, so it’s really worth while hiring a car and getting out a bit.

Your Mykonos

Mykonos was a nice surprise, and I’m so happy it was one of the Greek Islands we visited. There are lots of things to do in Mykonos. You can go to Mykonos to party, to shop, to relax on the beach, to explore, to visit nearby islands, to eat, to drink… so you can really make it what you want it to be.

What was your experience of Mykonos? Or are you thinking of going?

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