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Exploring Badija Island: A Day Trip From Korcula Croatia

Badija Island Croatia

Badija Island is a beautiful little island near Korcula, Croatia, that is definitely worth exploring. Badija Island is easily visited from Korcula and it quickly became one of our favourite things to do in Korcula.

Why Visit Badija Island

When you’re already on a stunning island it’s hard to justify spending the day at another stunning island. What does it have that isn’t here? But it’s nice to get out and explore, and Badija Island certainly had some characteristics that drew us in.

There’s the beautiful 14th Century Franciscan Monastery that greets you as you arrive. Stunning rocky beaches with blue water that looks like a painting. But then there is perhaps the biggest drawcard… the deer that roam freely on the island! Deer!

A Trip To Badija Island 

Korcula Water Taxi

Looking Back At Korcula Croatia

Badija Croatia Water

Badija Island Wharf

So it was decided. Off to Badija Island we went. We hopped in a little taxi boat and the boat ride itself made the trip worthwhile. The water on the way over was so blue, it’s tempting to just jump off the boat on the way over.

Arriving you see the beautiful Franciscan Monastery. I knew immediately I was going to love this place. We really wanted to walk around the entire island, but you only get a few steps before you just want to jump in the water. There are some places that have more of a pebbly ‘beach’ area, but some of our favourite spots were the ones you had to climb over rocks to get down to.

Beautiful Badija Island

View On Badija Croatia

Badija Island Korcula

Badija Island Walking

Badija Island Water

The Badija Swim

The walk around the islands tree lined paths feels like you’re walking through a deserted forest. I felt like a little kid, wondering if a deer would suddenly pop out of the trees. It’s nature overload. Beautiful forest surrounded by the bluest water.

So after many stops to jump into the water, swim and relax, we finally made it the entire way around the island. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face the entire day. And I didn’t even see a deer. It turns out Badija was even more magical then I first thought.

*But I may just have to come back for the deer.

How To Get To Badija Island From Korcula

Badija Water Taxi

Korcula Port

Local taxi boats run regularly in the summer months from the East Pier (Punta Jurana) in Korcula Town, near the Old Town. The boat ride takes about 15 minutes and costs 50 kn per person return. You don’t need to book and there isn’t a schedule, just turn up and you will go on the next available boat. Return boats are from 4pm.

Things to Know Before Going To Badija Island Croatia

Walking Badija Korcula

Island Life Badija

Badija Beauty Korcula

There’s only one small cafe with limited options so it’s best to bring food and drinks if you’re planning on staying for the day.

The beaches are rocky so bring reef shoes with you.

There is a path around the island. It took us about 1 hr 45 minutes to walk around the entire island with a few stops.

There are no people living on the island, except for housekeepers of the Franciscan Monastery.

You could spend anywhere from a couple of hours to the entire day on Badija Island, especially if you want to relax and swim.

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Have you been to Badija Island or have questions? Let us know in the comments below…

2 thoughts on “Exploring Badija Island: A Day Trip From Korcula Croatia”

  1. Hi!
    These taxi boats should be available on May?
    The time of return is fixed, or there are just few options? Like, if I want to return before 4pm, is it possible?

    1. Hi Bernardo, I believe they should be available in May. They aren’t really scheduled, but just leave when enough people are on board, so your best bet is to go to the harbour and have a look/ask around. I think the return boats run from 4 pm, but again, I’m sure you could organise something with the people running the boats before you go.
      Have a great time in Korcula/Badija, we loved it there :)

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