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Where To Stay In Split Croatia: Our Split Accommodation Guide

Where To Stay In Split Croatia

Split is located on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and is the second largest city in Croatia. We absolutely loved our month in Split, from the beautiful old town, Diocletian’s Palace and beaches. So where to stay in Split? Here are our recommendations and Split Accommodation Guide…

Where To Stay In Split Croatia?
Booking Accommodation In Split
Accommodation Guides

  • Absolute Splurge
  • Luxury For Less
  • Hotels In Split Under $160/night

Where To Stay In Split? 

Old Town Split

Bacvice Beach Split

There are many different areas to stay in Split. The best area to stay in Split Croatia is the city centre. Within the city centre you have Diocletian’s Palace, the Old Town, and Split neighbourhoods like Bacvice and Varos Split to name a few.

I would definitely stay within the city centre, as you will have much better access to restaurants, the Riva and a nice atmosphere. Within the city centre, here are the best neighbourhoods in Split. Diocletian’s Palace is perhaps the most touristy area but it also has a charm about it. The Old Town includes Diocletian’s Palace and is still quite a busy area, but you have the beautiful architecture surrounding you. The hotels in Split Old Town are often in beautiful heritage buildings. Varos is an old neighbourhood with cute cobblestone streets and is much quieter than the Old Town. Bacvice is the area around Bacvice Beach, a popular beach in Split. This is a little further to walk into the Old Town so I’d stay here only if you wanted to stay at the beach.

Booking Accommodation In Split

Split Riva Promenade

When booking accommodation in Split, there are two main websites that I use. has some of the best prices and a large number of accommodation options available. We love using it for our travels.


I love seeing what’s available from Airbnb, from getting to stay with a local host or having your own place to yourself, there’s something for everyone.

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Split Accommodation Guides

We have put together a guide of our favourite accommodation in Split from our experience of our time there and research. This guide includes 5 star hotels in Split, luxury hotels in Split, boutique hotels in Split and hotels in Split under $160/night.

Please note: Prices below were based on peak season, per night and are in Australian Dollars. Prices were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Absolute Splurge: Luxury Accommodation In Split

Murum Heritage Hotel | from $472 | Check Prices

Murum Heritage Hotel Split Croatia
Photo credit: Murum Heritage Hotel

Palace Judita Heritage Hotel | from $551 | Check Prices

Palace Judita Heritage Hotel Split
Photo credit: Palace Judita Heritage Hotel

Hotel Park Split | from $464 | Check Prices

Hotel Park Split Croatia
Photo credit: Hotel Park

Residence by Vestibul Palace | from $337 | Check Prices

Residence by Vestibul Palace Split Croatia
Photo credit: Residence by Vesitbul Palace

Piazza Heritage Hotel | from $392 | Check Prices

Piazza Heritage Hotel Split
Photo credit: Piazza Heritage Hotel

Hotel Vestibul Palace & Villa | from $478 | Check Prices

Hotel Vestibul Palace Split
Photo credit: Hotel Vestibul Palace

Villa Split Luxury Rooms | from $336 | Check Prices

Villa Split Luxury Rooms
Photo credit: Villa Split Luxury Rooms

Luxury For Less

Piano Nobile Rooms | from $225 | Check Prices

Piano Nobile Rooms Split Croaita
Photo credit: Piano Nobile Rooms

Abokamento Boutique Rooms | from $283 | Check Prices

Abokamento Boutique Rooms Split Croatia
Photo credit: Abokamento Boutique Rooms

Horizon Luxury Suites | from $216 | Check Prices

Pellegrini Luxury Rooms | from $180 | Check Prices

Luxury Rooms Jagoda Palace | from $286 | Check Prices

Azur Palace Luxury Rooms | from $209 | Check Prices

Hotels In Split under $160/night

Prima Luxury Rooms | from $152 | Check Prices

Prima Luxury Rooms Split Croaita
Photo credit: Prima Luxury Rooms

Speruna Luxury Inn | from $163 | Check Prices

Bernardi Rooms | from $158 | Check Prices

Rooms Supreme Spalato | from $154 | Check Prices

Tower Square Apartments | from $150 | Check Prices

Guesthouse Villa Scalaria | from $155 | Check Prices

In Split in particular, I think ‘Luxury for less’ and ‘Hotels under $160’ offer more value for money, but the properties in ‘Absolute Splurge’ do offer that luxurious touch.

We will continually update this post to make sure we’re recommending the best Split Accommodation, to help you choose where to stay in Split.

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What’s your pick of where to stay in Split? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, we may make a small commission if you decide to book a hotel. All opinions are my own. 

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