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Where To Stay In Korcula Croatia: Our Korcula Accommodation Guide

Where To Stay In Korcula

Korcula is one of my favourite Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. There’s a charming old town and beautiful areas all over the island. Whether you want to spend your time relaxing or exploring, perhaps a little of both, it’s always nice to come home to somewhere special. So where to stay in Korcula? Here are our recommendations and Korcula Accommodation Guide…

Where To Stay In Korcula?
Booking Accommodation In Korcula
Accommodation Guides

  • Absolute Splurge
  • Luxe For Less
  • Hotels In Korcula Under $200/night

Where To Stay In Korcula? 

Korcula Small Beach

Road To Lombarda

So where to stay in Korcula? The main areas to choose between include Korcula Town, Lumbarda and Vela Luka. There are also smaller villages like Zrnovo, Prizba, Zavalatica and many more, but these can be isolating if you don’t have a car and fairly quiet.

My pick for best area to stay on Korcula Island for first time visitors would be Korcula Town, in particular, Korcula Old Town. This is where you will find most restaurants and the beautiful streets and architecture of the Old Town. There are a lot of things to do in Korcula Old Town. Staying just outside of the Old Town is also a good option, particularly if you want a quieter stay. See our accommodation guide below for where to stay in Korcula Town.

Lumbarda would be my next pick, as it has some restaurants, beaches and some beautiful surrounding areas. It will be quieter and with less choice of restaurants then Korcula Old Town, but perfect if you want to be close to Korcula Town but in a quieter area. I think Lumbarda is a great option for where to stay in Korcula for families.

As for Vela Luka, I think this may be a good option if you have a car and have been to Korcula before. It’s about 50 minutes drive from Korcula Town. If you haven’t been to Korcula before, I think there’s too much to see in Korcula Town and the surrounding areas to stay in Vela Luka. Even for a return visit, I might still lean towards areas closer to Korcula Town or Korcula Town itself.

I would only stay in the smaller towns if I had a car and really wanted to stay in a smaller quiet village. You will be limited with what you can do at night and what you can walk too. You may also be limited with public transport.

Booking Accommodation In Korcula

Korcula Old Town

When booking accommodation in Korcula, there are two main websites that I use. has some of the best prices and a large number of accommodation options available. We love using it for our travels.


I love seeing what’s available from Airbnb, from getting to stay with a local host or having your own place to yourself, there’s something for everyone. In Korcula, Airbnb offers value for money, and there are some great options for Airbnb in Korcula Town.

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Korcula Accommodation Guides

We have put together a guide of our favourite accommodation in Korcula from our experience of our time there and research. This guide includes hotels in Korcula Town, 5 star and luxury Hotels in Korcula, Boutique hotels in Korcula, Korcula Old Town Apartments and Hotels in Korcula under $200/night.

Please note: Prices below were based on peak season, per night and are in Australian Dollars. Prices were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Absolute Splurge: Luxury Accommodation In Korcula

Korcula Town 

Lesic Dimitri Palace | from $593  | Check Prices

Lesic Dimitri Palace Korcula
Photo credit: Lesic Dimitri Palace

Hotel Korcula | from $379 | Check Prices

Hotel Korcula
Photo credit: Hotel Korcula

Zrnovska Banja

Tara’s Lodge Hotel | from $427 | Check Prices

Tara's Lodge Korcula
Photo credit: Tara’s Lodge


Captains Villa Sokol | from $654 | Check Prices (please note this price includes daily excursions and many other extras)

Captains Villa Sokol Korcula
Photo credit: Captains Villa Sokol

Luxe For Less

Korcula Town

Hotel Fabris | from $233 | Check Prices

Hotel Fabris Korcula
Photo credit: Hotel Fabris

Hotel Liburna | from $304 | Check Prices

Hotel Liburna Korcula
Photo credit: Hotel Liburna

Hotel Korsal | from $309 | Check Prices

Hotel Korsal Korcula
Photo credit: Hotel Korsal

Hotels In Korcula under $200/night

Korcula Town

Apartments An Ni | from $200 | Check Prices

Apartment An Ni Korcula
Photo credit: Apartment An Ni

Castello Rezidence Korcula | from $400 | Check Prices (please note: 2 bedroom apartment)

Castello Rezidence Korcula
Photo credit: Castello Rezidence

Vela Luka

Hotel Korkyra | from $196 | Check Prices

Hotel Korkyra Korcula
Photo credit: Hotel Korkyra


Aminess Lume Hotel | from $178 | Check Prices

Aminess Lume Korcula
Photo credit: Aminess Lume

Zrnovska Banja

Tower Suites Korcula | from $123 | Check Prices

Tower Suites Korcula
Photo credit: Tower Suites


Apartments Villa Olea | from $156 | Check Prices

Apartments Villa Olea Korcula
Photo credit: Apartments Villa Olea

We will continually update this post to make sure we’re recommending the best Korcula Accommodation, to help you choose where to stay in Korcula.

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What’s your pick of where to stay in Korcula? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, we may make a small commission if you decide to book a hotel. All opinions are our own. 

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