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6 thoughts on “Best Desserts In Prague Czech Republic: What To Taste & Where”

    1. Hi Irena, thanks for your comment. Are there any other differences besides the thickness of the sponge, as it was Medovnik on their menu? But, either way, it was delicious :)

  1. “You can see all of our favourite places to eat in Prague here.”
    Hi, how do we see them. There is no link. I’m quite interested. And the desserts look amazing and I can’t wait to try them when I’m there in June. Thanks!

  2. Trdelník in Prague is of erratic quality. Bought one claiming “Best in Prague “ near castle: I was lousy-dry, crumbly, tasteless— decided not worth repeating. But a couple days later was in the Jewis section of old town and in a little coffee shop they had fresh trdelník with gelato: bought some even though it was February and outside. I can honestly say it was the most delicious dessert I have EVER eaten. Bar none.

    1. Hi Christina, we loved the fresh Trdelník we had but unfortunately, as you found, they can be very hit and miss! So happy you had a great one!

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