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2 thoughts on “Hoi An Street Food: Our Favourite Vietnamese Dishes And Experiences”

  1. Pho Muoi is not at 301 Cửa Đại, it’s at 363 Cửa Đại. Also I tried to go around 7:45AM and it was totally shuttered, so either they’ve closed down or they’ve changed their hours or they were just on holiday!

    1. Hi Ned, Thanks so much for your comment :) Thanks for picking up the address error, it is now updated in the article and on our printable Hoi An Street Food map. No idea how we mixed up that address, Pho Muoi was our go-to breakfast for the many beautiful months we have spent in Hoi An! We just followed up with our friends who live in Hoi An, and they confirmed that it is temporarily closed but hope to reopen soon. If you make it back to Hoi An, you should check it out, it’s a delicious breakfast. Hope you had an amazing time in Vietnam :) Thanks again, Mandy and Chris

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