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Things To Do In Rhodes & Our Itinerary (VIDEO)

Things To Do In Rhodes

Rhodes was the first place we visited in Greece. One of the many Greek Islands, Rhodes is one of those places that I think anyone could fall in love with. There are so many different things to do in Rhodes, its full of history, beautiful beaches and architecture you can’t help but notice. Take a look at our Rhodes Itinerary below, including things to do in Rhodes and a video of our time there.

Our 4 Day Rhodes Itinerary

Day 1

We got the Ferry to Rhodes from Fetiye in Turkey. As soon as we stepped off the boat, I felt relaxed. Rhodes was stunning. Rhodes old town was like nothing I had ever seen before. The history was everywhere, and the best part, you can stay in it. It’s not like a site you have to go and visit, you can experience every day, all day. The old town of Rhodes is actually a UNESCO world heritage site. This day was a day of exploration, walking around both the old and new towns of Rhodes.

Rhodes Gates

Things We Did:

  • Lunch in the new town
  • Walked around the new town, exploring it’s streets, beaches and shores
  • Explore the streets of the old town
  • Dinner in Rhodes Old Town


Seeing Rhodes Old Town for the first time… magical!

Day 2

Palace Of The Grand Master of the Knights

We started the day with a guided tour of the old town, which was great, as we learnt more about the history of Rhodes. We walked through The Street Of The Knights and The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, which was amazing for it’s history and architecture. Then I tried my first Loukamades… yum! After the tour, we walked the old city walls, which is a definite must, even just for the views.

Rhodes City Walls

Things We Did:

  • Guided Tour of Rhodes Old Town
  • Visit The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights
  • Walked down The Street Of The Knights
  • Tried Loukamades (a greek donut-like sweet)
  • Walked the Rhodes City Walls
  • Dinner in the Old Town


Hmmm… everything?! Loved the guided tour and learning more about the history, loved the palace, loved walking the old city walls, loved eating Loukamades… love, love, love.


Day 3

Arriving in Lindos, it was completely different to Rhodes Old Town (and new town). Look down to a stunning beach and landscape, look up to the acropolis of Lindos and look straight ahead for a maze of streets filled with shops and eateries and that is Lindos.

Things We Did:

  • Drove to Lindos
  • Explore the streets of Lindos
  • Visited the Acropolis of Lindos
  • Swam at Lindos Beach


The views of Lindos from the acropolis… amazing.

Lindos Views

Day 4

We were so sad it was our last day in Rhodes, this place had really made an impression on us. Rhodes was so much more than I expected, I’d really recommend it to anyone thinking of going to the Greek Islands. Today we walked to the local produce markets and followed it up with a freshly grilled fish lunch across the road. We swam and relaxed, and explored more streets in Rhodes Old Town.

Things We Did:

  • Local Saturday Produce Markets
  • Lunch at Aegean Fish
  • Swam and relaxed at the beaches near the gates of Rhodes
  • Explored the back streets of Rhodes Old Town


Exploring more of Rhodes, both inside and outside the walls!

Streets of Rhodes

Our 4 Day Rhodes Itinerary Review

Pro’s of our Rhodes Itinerary

Length of Itinerary. Definitely that we had 4 days here. Rhodes is actually quite big, and even without seeing much of the island, there are a lot of things to do. I would say 4 days is a minimum length of time to spend in Rhodes.

Staying in Rhodes Old Town. Actually staying in the old town was fabulous, there was always something to do, you are close to restaurants, shops, attractions, but the main thing is just being absolutely surrounded by history.

Con’s of our Rhodes Itinerary

We didn’t get time to explore a lot of the island. This is only a small con, because if I had more time, I might choose to spend it relaxing or seeing more of the areas close to where we were staying anyway. But I do know there were other things in Rhodes that we didn’t see, but this really didn’t bother me, it’s more to say, you could easily spend more time here.


  • Staying in Rhodes Old Town
  • Walking the Old City Walls
  • The Views from the Acropolis of Lindos
  • Exploring Rhodes Old Town
  • Relaxing and swimming at the beautiful beaches

What were you’re favourite things to do in Rhodes? Thinking of going? Let us know if you have any questions below…

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