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Food Good Enough To Travel For: Food And Travel Bloggers Tell All

Food And Travel

Food and travel go hand in hand. Food can be a reason to travel and also be a way to discover the culture of a destination. It can bring people together from all over the world. We love travelling for the food, so to get some inspiration, we asked some of our favourite food and travel bloggers “What’s one food you would travel for?”…

Food And Travel: What’s One Food You Would Travel For?

Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate

I’d travel for mango season in India, for truffle season in Italy, to France just for cheese… To the southern US for BBQ.  Most travel is for food in the end, food and people.

Jenny Freedman from A Taste Of Travel

If we’re going to Piemonte, we always make sure that we’re there in October for the truffle season…white truffles are a delicacy that we love especially shaved over eggs or pasta.

Fried potato skins with egg and shaved white truffles at Piazza Duomo in Alba

Nyssa from The Cultureur

I’d travel to Japan for sushi, Southeast Asia for the tropical fruit, Paris for the macarons/croissants, and Chicago for another meal at Alinea.

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Robyn Eckhardt from Eating Asia

I would — and do every year — travel to Turkey’s Black Sea coast in autumn/winter specifically to eat fresh anchovies.

Ayngelina Brogan from Bacon Is Magic

We would love to go back to Antica Corte de Pallavicina, which is just a short drive from Modena, Italy.  Although we were there just 2 months ago, it was an experience of a lifetime to see the culatello chamber. Dave had heard about it for years but thought it was just a legend that there was a 700 year old cellar that continues to cure hundreds of cured pork.

Antica Corte de Pallavicina

Gwen from Bunkycooks

I just had this experience recently, so I’d have to say there are two foods that I often crave and would definitely travel to the city for.  I literally put my luggage down in the hotel in New Orleans after arriving from the airport and immediately headed out for two of my favorites that cannot be replicated anywhere else.  One is a classic Creole gumbo.  This particular one, a Shrimp and Deviled Egg version at Cochon, literally blew me away with its coffee colored roux and rich stock filled with tiny shrimp and fresh okra.  It was topped with a shrimp deviled egg and I had never had anything like it.  I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

The next stop was to the always packed original Cafe du Monde at the French Market on Decatur Street.  Nothing satisfies the beignet craving more than a plate of three piping hot powdered sugar-topped billowy beignets served with a steaming cup of cafe au lait made with their signature chicory coffee.

Aiste from Luxeat

Arroz a banda” ( kind of paella) with lobster at La Rosa, located on a beach of Valencia and sushi in Japan!

Sasha Martin from Global Table Adventure

I lived in Paris as a teenager and have fond memories of the chocolate croissants, fluffy couscous and Vietnamese egg rolls. These last which were served wrapped in mint and lettuce (I have yet to find a restaurant in the US that serves them this way). Since I can’t travel to three continents in a day, I’d love to take a trip to Paris and enjoy these favorites again! Thankfully, I’ve learned to make great couscous to tie me over until I can make the trip happen!


Thang Ngo from Noodlies

David Thompson’s Nahm in Bangkok. We’ve been twice and I still dream about the food. It’s hard to describe the depth of his flavours. Something about making just about everything from scratch including complex and pungent sauces that makes each mouthful bounce. It’s been about five years and I’m still dreaming of his food.

Akila from The Road Forks

Tuscan truffles.  Whenever we travel to Italy, we travel in November solely so we can eat loads of truffle-topped pasta, truffle-topped eggs, and truffle-infused cheeses.  The delicacy is truly worth the flight.

Patti from Worth The Whisk

Definitely pho, on any Vietnam street.  One travel day, Larry and I had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then one last bowlful in the airport before departing Hanoi.

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Shannon from A Little Adrift

One of my favorite meals in Southeast Asia is tohu nway, a creamy Shan soup from Myanmar (Burma). The soup is usually served at breakfast and is made with noodles and liquid tofu (made from chickpea flour), and then a good dose of chili to round out the flavors. It’s worth hunting down if you are anywhere Myanmar or just a Burmese market.

Burma Tohu Nway Soup

Shez from One Bite More

One? That’s tricky.

Locally, I’ve been known to drive all around Sydney to eat Lebanese food – charcoal roasted chicken, garlicky toum, lurid pink pickles, crisp, fluffy falafel and a basket of freshly baked flatbread are my ultimate weakness, and an hour long round trip is no large price to pay for perfection.

Given the time and money, though, I’d head back to Italy in a heartbeat to relive some of the meals we experienced on our three week honeymoon. The pizza in Naples, the amazing fresh seafood on Ortygia in Sicily and the pasta! I’d go back to Italy just so I could eat pasta in every shape and form, sauced and baked and fried, for every meal of every day (Except for Milan mornings, where I’d definitely scoff a crema filled cornetti and a thick cioccolata calda… and maybe any other meal when fresh sardines are involved).

Rachelle Lucas from The Travel Bite

The one food I would travel for is the porcini mushroom pasta at the food market in Modena, Italy.  Seriously, one of the best meals of my life — handmade pasta drowning in a butter sauce with fresh porcini mushrooms.

A huge thanks to all the bloggers who contributed!

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Where would you travel for the food?

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  1. I’m craving a good paella since a month, and the first picture here is a massive paella! Shall I take it as a sign and buy a ticket to Spain?

    1. Hi Carlotta, I’d say it’s definitely a good reason to book a ticket to Spain! Strangely enough, that photo was actually taken in France… so maybe it’s a sign to add that to your Itinerary too :)

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