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Where To Stay In Hvar Croatia: Our Hvar Accommodation Guide

Where to stay in Hvar Croatia

Hvar is a beautiful island in Croatia, easily reached from Split, Dubrovnik or other Dalmatian Islands. Hvar is an amazing place to visit, from the blue waters, to the architecture and history and island adventures to be had. So where to stay in Hvar? Here are our recommendations and Hvar Accommodation Guide…

Where To Stay In Hvar?
Booking Accommodation In Hvar
Hvar Accommodation Guides

  • Absolute Splurge
  • Luxe For Less
  • Hotels In Hvar Under $200/night

Where To Stay In Hvar? 

Hvar Beaches

So where to stay in Hvar? I first thought trying to decide where to stay in Hvar would be easy, but then you realise there are quite a few areas to stay on the island. The main areas are Hvar Town and Stari Grad, but then there are also smaller villages and towns throughout the island where you can stay. Despite this, I still think it’s a fairly easy choice, especially for first time visitors.

In my opinion, for a first time visit, the best area to stay in Hvar is Hvar Town. When you think of Hvar, I think Hvar Town is probably what you have in mind. From here there are a lot of things to do,  including exploring Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands. Something to keep in mind when choosing your location within Hvar town is that parts can be up steep hills and many steps. Closer to the water will generally (but not always) mean less steps, but just something to keep in mind.

Trying to decide between Hvar Town or Stari Grad? Stari Grad is another area you can stay, that has a harbour, quaint streets and is a little quieter than Hvar Town. If it’s a second visit or you’re after a quieter stay then you could consider staying in Stari Grad.

Other areas to stay include the smaller towns of Milna, Jelsa, and Zavala. I would stay in these areas if you want a quiet and more secluded stay.

Where To Stay In Hvar For Beaches?

Hvar’s best beaches can be found scattered over the Island. Some beautiful beaches include Zarace Beach, Lucisca Beach and some of the beaches around Milna Village. The difficulty with Hvar beaches is that they are scattered and sometimes remote, and you don’t necessarily need to stay where the beach is. For example, Zarace beach, Dubovica Beach and some other beaches can be reached from Hvar Town if you hire a small boat. So you could stay in Hvar Town and still venture to some beautiful beaches. Hvar Town has some beaches that are still nice, but perhaps not as nice as the ones above, like the Franciscan Monastery Beach. Another area with great beaches is the Pakleni Islands, which can be reached from Hvar Town by regular running boat trips. So basically, you can stay in Hvar Town and reach some beautiful beaches in Hvar. If you want to stay where these beautiful beaches are, you could stay in one of the smaller villages like Milna Village.

Booking Accommodation In Hvar

Palmizana Island Hvar

When booking accommodation in Hvar, there are two main websites that I use. has some of the best prices and a large number of accommodation options available. We love using it for our travels.


I love seeing what’s available from Airbnb, from getting to stay with a local host or having your own place to yourself, there’s something for everyone. There are some great options for Airbnb in Hvar Town.

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Hvar Accommodation Guides

We have put together a guide of our favourite accommodation in Hvar from our experience of our time there and research. This guide includes hotels in Hvar Town and surrounds, luxury hotels in Hvar, Boutique hotels in Hvar, Hvar Apartments and Hotels in Hvar under $200/night.

Please note: Prices below were based on peak season, per night and are in Australian Dollars. Prices were correct at the time of publishing this article.

Absolute Splurge: Luxury Accommodation In Hvar

Hvar Town

Adriana Hvar Hotel | from $553 | Check Prices

Hotel Adriana Hvar
Photo credit: Hotel Adriana

Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour | from $386 | Check Prices

Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour
Photo credit: Riva Hvar Yacht Harbour

Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort | from $447 | Check Prices

Amfora Hvar
Photo credit: Amfora Hvar

Luxe For Less

Hvar Town

Hotel Podstine | from $295 | Check Prices

Hotel Podstine Hvar
Photo credit: Hotel Podstine

Pharos Hvar Hotel | from $259 | Check Prices

Pharos Hvar
Photo credit: Pharos Hvar

Hvar Riva Rooms | from $282 | Check Prices

Hvar Riva Rooms
Photo credit: Hvar Riva Rooms

Stari Grad

B&B Heritage Villa Apolon | from $265 | Check Prices

B&B Heritage Villa Apolon Hvar
Photo credit: B&B Hertiage Villa Apolon


Hotel Fortuna | from $294 | Check Prices

Hotel Fortuna Hvar
Photo credit: Hotel Fortuna

Agata House Hvar | from $222 | Check Prices

Agata House Hvar
Photo credit: Agata House

Hotels In Hvar under $200/night

Hvar Town

Apartments Irena | from $178 | Check Prices

Apartments Irena Hvar
Photo credit: Apartments Irena

Apartments and Rooms Bonkan Hvar | from $162 | Check Prices

Apartments Bonkan Hvar
Photo credit: Apartments Bonkan

Apartments Nikolina | from $151 | Check Prices

Apartments Nikolina Hvar
Photo credit: Apartments Nikolina

We will continually update this post to make sure we’re recommending the best Hvar Accommodation, to help you choose where to stay in Hvar.

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What’s your pick of where to stay in Hvar? Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below…

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, we may make a small commission if you decide to book a hotel.

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