The Printable Packing List

The Printable Packing List

When I first started travelling, packing was a difficult task. How did I know what I would need in Bangkok? The idea of being in a completely different country, not able to pop home if you forgot something, totally freaked me out.

But now, many trips later, I actually enjoy packing, and find it much easier to do! The more I travel, the more I realise a few things:

  1. Only a small group of items are actually ESSENTIAL that you pack
  2. Everything else, you can pack or get where you are going.
  3. The more you travel, the less you will want to carry, therefore the less you will pack (see why and how we went carry-on only for 9 weeks and watch us pack for Europe).
  4. Once you live out of small bag for a few months, you realise you don’t actually NEED much… therefore packing shouldn’t be the drama you once thought it was.


printable packing list

No matter how many times I travel, I still walk out the door convinced I have left something behind. The difference is, now I know that list of things that I absolutely need, so once I tick them off, I feel much better! The rest… I don’t lose sleep over. One thing that helps make packing for travel easy, is a packing list… even better, a printable one. The hard work is taken out of it, you don’t need to spend too much time or energy on thinking “what do I need to pack?”.

So here I will detail a universal packing list, and I’ve also created a Printable Packing List that you can download and print off! This packing list should be used as a guide only. Some things on here you may not need… whilst there may be things not listed that you need to add. But it should give you a great basis for any trip.

The Printable Packing List

Travel Documents

Flight Tickets
Travel Insurance Details
Accommodation Booking Info
Photo ID/Drivers Licence
International Drivers Licence (If you plan to drive overseas)
Credit/Debit Cards or any other form of accessing money
Local Money (just enough for a few days)
Holiday Notes
Emergency Numbers
Copies of Important Documents


Luggage Name Tags
Secure Day Bag (Preferably cross shoulder) or Money Belt
Luggage Locks
Zip Ties
Checked Bag (The type is what suits you and your holiday best… but make sure you can carry it)
Carry-On (Check plane size restrictions with your airline)


Mini First Aid Kit
Prescription medications
Pain Relief
Gastro Relief
Hand Sanitiser
Insect Repellent
Prescription Glasses/Contact Lenses (If required)
After Sun Spray
Sea Sickness Tablets (if going on a boat)


Dressy Top
Light Long Pants
Jacket (type depends on climate)
Dressy Shoes
For Females: Casual Skirt/Dress, Night-Time Dress, Ballet Flats


Hair Brush
Shaving Items
Travel Hair Dryer


Camera/Memory Card
iPod/iPad/Laptop (if you wish)
Electrical adaptors
Mobile Phone

Travel Accessories

Zip Lock Bags
Pocket Tissues
DVT Socks
Washing Line

So there it is, the universal packing list! Hope that gives you a great starting off point to make packing easier. Download The Printable Packing List.

Hope the printable packing list is useful! Do you find packing easy or difficult?

Would love to hear in the comments below…

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