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Food & Travel Bloggers Favourite Food Destinations

Food Destinations

Travel is amazing in so many ways… one of those being the food you get to discover along the way! We love travelling for food, and some of our favourite memories revolve around amazing food experiences. Often we choose our next holiday destination simply because we want to try the food… and we know we’re not the only ones. Although you can experience great food all over the world, some destinations are an absolute must taste! So we asked our favourite food and travel bloggers, what their favourite food destination is?

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Where Is Your Favourite Food Destination & Why?

Robyn Eckhardt from Eating Asia

Taipei, because it’s a fun, slightly wacky city with excellent public transport that has everything, from delicious street food to casual and high end restaurants. It’s even got an excellent craft cocktail scene. And it’s less expensive than Hong Kong.

Jenny Freedman from A Taste Of Travel

Baklava in Gaziantep

Turkey is our favourite foodie destination. We love the fabulous food available from different parts of the country. We’ve travelled to Gaziantep for katmer and baklava, to Sinop for delicious hamsi, to Urfa for kebabs and Kahramanmaras for icecream. Istanbul has great local places where you can try foods from these regions as well as some fabulous restaurants offering modern interpretations of Turkish food that rival any in Europe.

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Shez from One Bite More

I think every city has its own amazing local food scene, but one place I am definitely hankering to get back to is Japan.
I literally dream about the piping hot takoyaki sold street-side in Osaka, the tiny okonomiyaki stalls of the Kansai region, the chewy ramen in Tokyo and the amazingly fresh seafood found all along the coast. I’ve always loved the clean, distinct flavours in Japanese cuisine and the way that each dish changes slightly depending on where you eat it, and the wonderful way in which the Japanese people are so accommodating and welcoming, even when your grasp of the language is limited to hellos, goodbyes and thank you’s!

I’ve found that taking a local bus or train just outside of the main tourist areas will allow you to taste some fantastic variations in the local cuisine – one of the best okonomiyaki we ate on our last trip happened after we caught the wrong bus and found ourselves following a mouthwatering smell to a small string of shops near a local playground (instead of the temple we were searching for).

Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate

I like Paris and India for food destinations. Paris because the food and wine are all in the most beautiful city in the world, India because it’s hard to find a bad meal (if you avoid tourist restaurants) – I look forward to breakfast lunch and dinner in India.

Mark Wiens from Migrationology

My favorite destination for food is southern Thailand. The food in the south of Thailand is characterized by fiery chilies, a generous use of fresh turmeric, and lots of seafood. Even throughout Thailand, southern Thai food is known as being spicy, and strongly flavored, which is why I can’t get enough of it. Another reason is that my wife is from southern Thailand, and so her and her family cook unforgettable southern Thai food feasts, that make me love it even more with every bite.

Ayngelina Brogan from Bacon Is Magic

Street Art Collage New York

Without a doubt New York City. It has such a wealth of history, diversity and continues to innovate. We hope to get back down there soon!

Thang Ngo from Noodlies

I’m biased , but Vietnam has such an amazing variety of food. Simple street food like banh mi, pho, banh cuon (rice rolls), bun bo hue, xoi (sticky rice).. it’s endless. But home cooked dishes are equally amazing, like caramelised pork belly with egg, canh chua (sour soup), fried fish with garlic drenched in chilli fish sauce, stir fried morning glory. And of course sweets, glutinous balls, banana cake, sticky rice cakes.

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Nyssa from The Cultureur

One of my favorite food destinations has to be Paris, one of the world’s leading gastronomic capitals. It’s impossible not to indulge in its vast haven of culinary excellence. Food has never tasted so good, so I enjoy every crepe, every baguette, every macaron, every pain au chocolat, every kind of fromage, and every croque-monsieur without any guilt.

Rachelle Lucas from The Travel Bite

I have too many favorite food destinations!  Italy is always amazing, but for those that want to experience something different, I’d suggest Porto, Portugal, or Cape Town, South Africa.

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Aiste from Luxeat

Japan, because of the excellent products and perfectionist approach to cooking.

Sasha Martin from Global Table Adventure

Greek yoghurt with honey

I don’t have just one – but I’ll always remember being in the mountains of Greece eating natural Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey during my 8th grade class trip. It’s a simple thing but the memory makes me so happy.

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Akila from The Road Forks

This is an impossibly tough question but I will say that one of my favorite food destinations is Istanbul.  The Turkish do every single meal well: the Turkish kahvalti (breakfast) includes eggs, vegetables, feta cheese, olives and glorious creamy kaymak and honey to spread on fresh bread; lunch is a feast of doner kebab piled high on thick lavash; and dinner is the unending line of mezes from rice stuffed dolma to tzatzik with dill to stuffed squash blossoms to purslane and yogurt; and, of course, for dessert, we always gorge on as much crispy pistachio-encrusted Turkish baklava as we can find.

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Patti from Worth The Whisk

Italy.  I don’t think there is any food they serve in Italy that I wouldn’t eat!

A huge thanks to all the bloggers who contributed!

What Are Your Favourite Food Destinations?

2 thoughts on “Food & Travel Bloggers Favourite Food Destinations”

  1. I will let you in on a secret – it is hard to beat Guangzhou for the most amazing food. Guangzhou is off the tourist trail, so most people have not been, but it is where world famous cantonese cuisine originates from. There is too much to choose from, steamed fish, lamb hot pots, portuguese tarts and the best Dim Sum in the world!

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