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The Best Street Food: Food & Travel Bloggers Share What To Eat & Where To Find It

Best Street Food

There’s something about eating the best street food, that some of the best restaurants in the world couldn’t match. I’m not sure if it’s the atmosphere, the authentic flavours, the people making it… it’s probably all this and more. So we asked some of our favourite food and travel bloggers “Where and What Is Your Favourite Street Food?”…

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The Best Street Food From Around The World: Where & What Is Your Favourite Street Food?

Ayngelina Brogan from Bacon Is Magic

Salbutes, Mexico

So tough! I love Mexico and the food is so diverse and I really fell for street food in the Yucatan as it was fried but also so light. Tacos are awesome but you can’t miss out on panuchos or salbutes.

Thang Ngo from Noodlies

Sitting down to a bowl of vermicelli pork balls in Vietnam, Kuay jab rice noodles in Bangkok or Laos – it’s so hard to pick, so I’d have to say anywhere in South-East Asia.

Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate

Dosa is probably my favorite street food or vada pav.

Nyssa from The Cultureur

My favorite street food is either nutella-caramel-fresh strawberries crepes in Paris or tacos in Mexico.

Jenny Freedman from A Taste Of Travel

Indian sweet stall in Pushkar

India has some fabulous street food. When I first went to India about twelve years ago I was very wary of eating on the street but now I love it all. Samosas, panipuri, different aloos and chaats, parathas, pakoras and of course having a lassi and some jelebi.

Robyn Eckhardt from Eating Asia

Well, I live in Penang and give street food tours here so I’d be an idiot if I didn’t name a Penang dish. But in all honestly I love Penang asam laksa most — fishy, sour, and spicy with chewy noodles — it has all the elements I want in a bowl of street noodles.

Patti from Worth The Whisk

Well, again it would be pho.  But if you want to get off that subject, my next choice would be ramen.  Fukuoka in Japan is a town that has nighttime ramen stands that sort of show up from nowhere.  Tons of them.  Really delicious point-and-eat food.

Rachelle Lucas from The Travel Bite

Hmm. My favorite street food would have to be pork empanadas and cortaditos in Miami.

Sasha Martin from Global Table Adventure 


I love anything that has sizzle and flavor. I simply adore Turkish “Pizza” made with lamb, hot paprika, parsley and mint. My GOODNESS I could eat that all day. I also adore Nigerian Suya Kabobs –  they have a unctuous quality thanks to a healthy dose of crushed peanuts, ginger, and garlic. Every time I make them they disappear in minutes. Both recipes are great on the grill and perfect for entertaining. 

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Akila from The Road Forks

Our favorite street food is gorgeously ripe mango with coconut milk sticky rice, found anywhere in the Thai street food markets.

Aiste from Luxeat

Incredibly fresh hawker food in Singapore.

Mark Wiens from Migrationology

I have a lot of favorites, but one of them is aeb pla nin, a northern Thai street food snack of tilapia mixed with herbs and spices, then grilled in a banana leaf packet.

Shez from One Bite More

My parents are both from Malaysia, and it’s a location that I try to visit every year or so. In fact, I start getting serious cravings for the smells and tastes that local outlets just can’t meet if I’ve left it too long between trips.

Much as I love the restaurant scene there, it’s the street food that really has my heart. Nasi Lemak wrapped in banana leaves from a van that sells out by 9am, banana fritters from the lady outside the 7-11, compressed chicken rice balls from a street stall (ignore the ungloved hands and focus on the flavour) and cendol served under a tarp in tin bowls from the man outside the hospital who inherited the stall from his father and grandfather before him. Plastic bags of freshly squeezed sugar cane water, suspended by a piece of raffia from your wrist as you wander the stalls, apam balik in one hand, satay in the other. Winding down the day with an ice cold Milo made with condensed milk and a wafer thin roti, doused in daal and sambal (or with butter, sugar and more condensed milk, if your teeth are up to the assault!)

More Street Food Inspiration

Cooking street food in Nha Trang

We absolutely love street food from all over the world. So what do we think is the best street food? Some of our favourites include Vietnamese street food, Singapore Hawker Centres, and Cambodian street food, particularly in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

A huge thanks to all the bloggers who took part in our food & travel series!

What do you think is the best street food?

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