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10 Reasons To Visit Rome And Why You’ll Fall In Love With The City

Reasons To Visit Rome

Sometimes when a destination is built up to be amazing, it runs the risk of seriously disappointing when you get there. Well, Rome is not one of those places. There’s a reason why flocks of tourists head to Rome all year. I have nothing but amazing memories of our trips to Rome, from the food to the history and so much more. Here are 10 reasons to visit Rome and why you’ll fall in love with the city…

#1 The History


One of the best reasons to visit Rome! You will be surrounded by history everywhere you go in Rome. From the sights to the architecture, even to the drinking fountains! Rome is fascinating, even if you’re not a history buff.

#2 The Coffee


To put this one in perspective, I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but in Rome, I probably had 1 or 2 coffees a day. In Rome, you mainly have your coffee standing at the bar. Try the espresso or my favourite, the espresso with a shot of chocolate!

#3 The Architecture


With the history comes the amazing architecture. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by amazing structures, from a simple shop or restaurant to iconic structures like the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Vatican City and so much more.

#4 The Gardens

Gardens In Rome

What a surprise! Rome has the most beautiful gardens throughout the city. One of our favourites, and for a beautiful view over the city, is Villa Borghese.

#5 The Gelato


The Gelato was as yummy as expected, but the most surprising thing was the flavours. I loved Zabaglione!

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#6 The Sights


There are so many sights in Rome, and you’re not going to see them all. And don’t try to. The sights are extravagant and grand and amazing to see, but pick a few and skip the rest so you can enjoy the many other things Rome has to offer. Perhaps this will be one of the many reasons to visit Rome… again.

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#7 The Wine


I’m far from a wine expert, but I love trying different wines. The Italian wines we tried were great, with wines from different regions around Italy.

#8 The Piazzas


Piazzas, or squares, are found all over Rome. They are absolutely stunning, with fountains, surrounded by beautiful buildings and buzzing with people.

#9 The Drinking Fountains (Nasoni)


When we first discovered the drinking fountains, otherwise known as Nasoni, I was in awe. What a fantastic idea to have drinking fountains all over the city. It’s so easy to stop for a drink or fill up your water bottle, I wish this was in every city! There’s even an app to show you where the closest drinking fountain is… I Nassoni Di Roma.

#10 The Food


I had some of the best food I’ve ever tasted in Rome. The best carbonara and creme caramel I’ve ever had in my life. Such a range of different pizzas. Pasta dishes I didn’t even know existed (some of my favourites were amatriciana pasta and cacio e pepe). The Cornettos. TheCannolii. The list goes on and on…

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Do you have more reasons to visit Rome? Let us know if you have any questions below…

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