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Our 4 Day Rome Itinerary: Making Our Own Roman History

Four Day Rome Itinerary

When I was in high school, my sister moved to London for three years. I’d never been overseas before, and I loved hearing about my sisters weekend getaways! After 3 years of visiting places all over Europe, I asked her what was the best? Without hesitation, all she had to say was one word “Rome”… and now I know why.

Us In Rome

Our Rome Itinerary was only 4 days… which is a great amount of time but you could easily double it and still not see everything!

Our 4 Day Rome Itinerary

Day 1

Amazing food, getting lost multiple times in the best possible way and becoming absolutely mesmerised by this fascinating city. That was our first day in Rome. Wow.

River Tiber

Things We Did

  • Lunch at Da Cesare
  • Afternoon at the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • Walking around Rome getting lost
  • Dinner at Roscioli


Where We Ate

  • Da Cesare
  • Roscioli


Palatine Hill

Delicious food and Palatine Hill!

Day 2

So we did a lot today… but we didn’t start out intending to do so! After dinner, we were actually running to catch a free shuttle bus back to our hotel, and we ran and ran down this road… ok we may have taken a quick break after we spotted a delicious looking gelato shop :) But back running down the road again, we realised we were once again lost, but it was perfect! We ended up at the Castel Sant’Angelo and did a night tour…which was definitely a highlight of the trip. Love when things go wrong and yet ends up being so right :)

Castel Sant'Angelo

Things We Did

  • Vatican City – St Peters Bascilica
  • Lots of coffee, pizza and gelato
  • Villa Borghese Gardens
  • Spanish Steps
  • Attempted Trevi Fountain (it was under maintenance)
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona and Fiumi Fountain
  • Dinner at Angelina a Trevi
  • Castel Sant’Angelo

Piazza Navona

Where We Ate

  • Caffe Castroni
  • Sciascia
  • Pizzarium
  • Forno Feliziani
  • Fatamorgana (Gelato!)
  • Lemongrass Gelato
  • Angelina a Trevi
  • Vice Gelateria (Is it possible we had gelato again today?! When in Rome…)


St Peters Basilica

Villa Borghese

We did the 10 pm tour of Castel Sant’Angelo and it was amazing! Doing it a night just added and extra eeriness. Villa Borghese and St Peters Basilica were also breathtaking.

Day 3

Things We Did

  • Campo De Fiori
  • Vatican Museum
  • Went to the local supermarket

Campo De Fiori

Where We Ate

  • Forno
  • Likeat
  • Ill Gelato Bistro


Vatican Museum

Going to the Vatican Museum was amazing, and would definitely recommend buying tickets online – this way you skip most of the line!

Day 4

Our final day :( Our time here went way too fast! We had a busy morning with a food tour but then had a pretty relaxing afternoon just taking in the city.

Eating Italy Food Tours

Things We Did

  • Eating Italy Food Tour of Testaccio
  • Explore Piazza del Popolo and Via Condotti
  • Drinks on the rooftop of the Intercontinental Hotel
  • Dinner at Trattoria Monti

Where We Ate

  • Flavio al Velavevodetto
  • Trattoria Monti


Piazza Popolo

The food tour was great, especially exploring Testaccio, but I also loved the Piazza del Popolo too.

Our 4 Day Rome Itinerary Review

Pros Of Our Rome Itinerary

Length Of Itinerary. Although 4 days went really fast, and we definitely could have stayed a lot longer, I’m just happy we had the 4 days and not less. I think 4 days is a minimum.

Cons Of Our Rome Itinerary

Staying outside the centre of Rome. I think for a first time visit to Rome, It’s important to be near transport and the city centre. We stayed outside the city centre and not near public transport, thus we wasted a bit of time and sometimes had to get taxi’s, which are pretty expensive in Rome.

Not getting to explore the outskirts of Rome. Rome extends to the seaside, and we would love to see some other neighbourhoods, as well as the Ostia Antica archaeological site.

Highlights Of Our Rome Itinerary

It really is hard to narrow it down, because we loved everything we did in Rome. But I’ll give it a go:

  • Visiting all the different piazzas
  • The food, coffee and desserts
  • St Peters Basilica
  • Palatine Hill
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Villa Borghese Gardens

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