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The Perfect Greek Islands Itinerary For Your First Trip To Greece

Greek Islands Itinerary

Choosing which Greek Islands to visit on your first trip to Greece is so hard, but unfortunately you can’t see them all. That’s what future trips are for! Each Greek Island has their own personality and have different highlights. If you want to get a taste of three very different Greek Islands then I think this itinerary will be a great introduction. This Greek Islands itinerary takes you to Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos. It will show you the amazing food, architecture, history, beaches, scenery and lifestyle that will make you never want to leave…

Greek Islands Itinerary Map + Overview

Greek Islands Itinerary Destinations: Rhodes | Santorini | Mykonos 

Greek Islands Itinerary Map

Day 1 – 5 : Rhodes

Rhodes was one of my favourite Greek Islands. The Old Town is absolutely amazing and you could spend so much time walking and exploring those streets. Rhodes is a fairly large island so there is so much to explore. But don’t forget to spend time just relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Rhodes Greece

Rhodes Greece Beaches

Rhodes Greece Landscape

View Of Lindos Beach Rhodes

Greek Islands Ferries

Where To Stay

We stayed in Rhodes Old Town and absolutely loved it. If you don’t stay within Rhodes Old Town, then try to stay near it. We loved staying at S. Nikolas Historic Boutique Hotel in Rhodes Old Town.


  • Explore Rhodes Old Town
  • Walking the Old City Walls
  • Lindos Beach
  • Walk up to Lindos Acropolis
  • Relaxing and swimming at the beautiful beaches

Where To Eat

  • Ouzokafenes – for a traditional Greek Meal in a lovely outdoor setting
  • Estia – for delicious Gyros in Lindos
  • Aegean Fish – for a simple fish dish
  • Eat Loukoumades

How Long To Stay

Rhodes is a big island with a lot to see. I feel like 4 days is a minimum needed to explore, but if you have more time up to a week.

How To Get To Your Next Destination

We flew from Rhodes to Santorini via Athens, as at the time it worked out to be the quickest way and could be easily booked in advance. Other options include around a 7 – 8 hour ferry at certain times of the year running on certain days.

For more information see these Greek Ferry websites: Greek Ferries | Open Seas | GTP | Blue Star Ferries

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Day 5 – 8: Santorini

Santorini is a favourite amongst so many people who visit the Greek Islands. I have to say, although I absolutely loved it, make sure to come with the right expectations. Things I loved were the stunning views, beautiful white villages sprawling down the caldera, the nature and scenery. Things I didn’t expect were that Oia is a little separated to parts of the island and Oia itself can be very busy and touristy. Having said this, I would still recommend Oia as it’s a stunning village but it helps to know what to expect. Another thing is that although it’s a Greek Island, don’t expect lot’s of pristine white beaches where you’re staying. A lot of villages are perched on the top of cliffs, therefore no easy access to beaches, and Santorini beaches aren’t all white sand beaches.

Oia To Fira Walk Santorini Greece

Pito Gyros Santorini

Amoudi Bay Santorini Greece

Caldera Santorini Greece

Where To Stay

Choosing where to stay in Santorini is part of the fun of your Santorini trip. Nothing beats staying on the Caldera in Oia, although there are some great options all over Santorini. Some of my favourite hotels in Santorini include Grace Santorini, Oia Santo Maris, and Charisma Suites.

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  • Explore Oia Village
  • Oia to Fira Walk
  • Dinner at Amoudi Bay
  • Hiring a car and exploring the island
  • Staying In Oia + the Caldera Views

Where To Eat

  • Dimitris Taverna at Amoundi Bay
  • Pito Gyros
  • Mylos Bar Restaurant
  • Lotza

How Long To Stay

I think 4 days is a great introduction to Santorini, but if you plan to explore the island a little further or visit neighbouring islands then up to a week would be great.

How To Get To Your Next Destination

Next stop… Mykonos! We took a fast ferry from Santorini to Mykonos and it was a great choice. It took around 3 hours in a closed-in type ferry where you can’t go outside. For more information see Hellenic Seaways.

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Day 8 – 12: Mykonos

Arriving to Mykonos by ferry you will see white houses and blue waters. You can make Mykonos what you want it to be, it has so much to offer for every traveller.

Greek Islands Mykonos

Little Venice Mykonos Greece

Lia Beach Mykonos Greece

Where To Stay

There are so many amazing areas and options for where to stay in Mykonos, from a stunning hotel to a beachside villa. For a first time visit, I think staying in Chora (Mykonos Town) is a great choice. One thing you should be prepared for is that Mykonos hotels are generally more expensive when compared to other parts of the world. Some of my favourite hotels in Mykonos include Boheme, Belvedere and Mykonos Blu.

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  • Hiring a car and driving to the different beaches around the Island
  • Exploring Chora (Mykonos Town)
  • An evening drink in Little Venice

Where To Eat

  • Fokos Taverna – come here for a delicious lunch at the beach
  • Pasta Fresca Barkia – satisfy your pasta cravings
  • Gelarte Ice Cream

How Long To Stay

For an introduction I think 4 days is great, but if you want to have more time to relax and more beach time then a week would be perfect.

How To Get To Your Next Destination

That’s the end of your Greek Islands itinerary! Or, you could continue your holiday ;) If you have time you could add in some smaller or less visited islands or combine your Greek Islands holiday with somewhere else in Europe. We visited Turkey before the Greek Islands, then afterwards Athens, then moved on to Italy. Enjoy your time in the Greek Islands.

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What’s your idea of a perfect Greek Islands Itinerary?

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